2013,  Relationships

And so it goes…

Sometimes in life, there is a moment of what I guess I could call clarity. One instance that makes you think, okay, time to do something new or make a change.

Two of my best friends, yes I have multiple (we can save that debate for a different blog post), have mentioned on-line dating. My pride has always been in the way of that. However, I don’t ever go out anymore, so what am I supposed to do? Work you say, well that would be okay if there were more than 5 people in my age bracket…

That being said, and after coercing a good friend to start it with me – we did the inevitable – on-line dating. So sue us, we aren’t baller’s so we were trying for the cheap route, but this comes at a cost. You can set up accounts and people can contact you, but essentially it ends from there. The real interactions cost. After about a few days we decided we couldn’t stand not seeing their pictures (Eharm) or seeing what these elusive e-mails had to say (Match).

Friend found a good deal on Eharm so she signed up with them. I held out one more day and when we were hanging out and laughing about the ridiculousness that is on-line dating, I signed up for a one-month trail for match.

At first I enjoyed the greatness of being able to reject immediately. You simply can say “No thanks” and continue on lurking or browsing, as many would prefer.

Then I came upon a persistent little bugger, who to date has sent me three emails and given me a wink. He writes fairly well, but he’s out of control emotionally unstable, dropped an F-bomb in the second one, just to name a few antics as of late. He also taught me a lesson: I need to be better about my browsing, apparently you can see who has viewed your page (I knew that), but you can also see the frequency. This can pose a problem if you aren’t used to their mobile app and keep pressing on peoples pages, only to hit back once you realized you are at their page again.

So dully noted! So I started (paying) my quest on Sunday. I was already signed up before that, but the real interactions didn’t happen until Sunday….and I’m already over it. Today, I vowed to Friend that I was taking a break from this for today. No checking my accounts, just enjoying my day!

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