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The Art of Friendship

Scrolling through IG this AM, which is sadly a regular habit, I came across this quote: “Don’t just ignore the effort of a person who tries to keep in touch. People get tired. It’s not at all times that they hold on.”

Which then prompted my thought process to a quote I uploaded to IG a month or so ago: “Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.”

Friendship, in all truth it should be easy, but then life adds its mysteries and then friendships become harder. But I think to myself; it would be hard to always be the “bad friend.” The one who lies makes up stories to avoid hanging out, flake on people, etc. Maybe their sense of guilt or qualities in friendship are different from mine, but then I have to wonder why I deal with this type of friendship behavior.

I do put a huge emphasis on maintaining friendships. I like to be social, do things with others…however, I am quite content hanging out by myself and doing things solo. I’m sure my family values have cultivated this emphasis on friendship or I just decided personally that I want to have a strong group of friends…I have no idea!

I don’t want to change people, I just hope they realize that people understand what they are doing – whether they confront you or talk about it, they know your routine.

By no means am I the perfect friend. I have definitely let some friendships go by the wayside, a lot of college friends to be exact. The locational spread isn’t too bad, but it’s the time and effort, which I have lacked. But it also doesn’t help that they have not been active friends as well. I guess in the end, you keep you want and those you don’t, you let go.

Which is why my second quote hits so hard to home. To know that you try your best, which may not always be the greatest, and they just don’t see the friendship like that in return. At that point, I have to realize to not hold on to whatever I thought was our friendship. This doesn’t happen often, but I do think about it sometimes.

Friendships are a fun and amazing thing(s), however, they can be tough and hardwork, as well…it’s not always best friends for life or pretty…but when it’s good, a true friendship feels better than most things.

I just don’t want to be the bad friend.

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