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The Magical Word

So, if you are like me at all, you may be inclined to do a little research before you try something new. Don’t get ahead of yourself, when I say a little, I really mean minimal, research. So, yes I did read a few articles on online dating. All I came out with was these same few tips:

1. Add a picture.
2. Create a fun username
3. Don’t be generic or typical

Easy enough right? #1, boom, done! Then came #2, username – you don’t want to scare them away with things such as “tomboy” (no ridicule to my blog namesake), and you better not put your whole name as your screen name (if you do, then you deserve the stalkers), and it still has to be fun and playful. Needless to say, after a few minutes and attempts, (everything seems to be taken and the only offer you the same version with a number added at the end), I was over it and went with a simple one. I’m not adding it on my blog, are you nuts – cause I know you’d go right to match and find me! I’m not ready for that embarrassment yet…

But alas, the holy grail of trending, without the hashtag, in the online dating world: BACON. You add this word and your strong affinity for it and the men swoon for you. Seriously, almost every match email I received had some comment about how they enjoyed my love for bacon. Who would have thought that high caloric, amazing tasting, unidentifiable delectable would also be what would draw men to me? I sure have hell didn’t.

You obviously don’t know me yet. But here is an example of how I know I’ve hit an all-time bacon loving low – multiple, not just one, but multiple co-workers have run over giddy to my cubicle to present a gift to me. Every single time it is a bacon novelty – chapstick, candy sucker, etc. Everyone in my family (almost all 40) have the same addiction, my friends, and my co-workers are in on my secret…as is the blogging world (my whole 1 reader, probably just Friend since no one else is aware that I’ve taken this hobby up).

So Ladies, put that you love bacon if you want to lure men in. I know why they love it and I can wholeheartedly agree, I was just surprised at how many of them appreciated a girl who would love it.

My bacon brings all the boys to the yard…

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