I'm Okay with a Cliche or two…

I’m a hot mess!

Okay, I get it…

A little over a month away from the big day and I am a huge bag of mixed emotions with tired legs and a fairly busy schedule. However, as cliche as one doing their first marathon can be, I’m over here making sure I meet all the criteria.

From what I’ve gathered, watching “Spirit of the Marathon,” is as cliche as I can get. Motivational. Inspirational. A first timer to do. So, last week I made sure to hit up amazon.com to order my copy. PS – When did amazon raise their price to $35 for free shipping? Annoying!

Amazon come-up!

Along with that, I purchased a book that I was recommended over a few years ago, by an old co-worker. He said it was a great book and I felt that I could add some “Chi” to my running game. So, I made the total cliche Amazon running purchase!

I’ve yet to watch the DVD or read the book, so I guess the review will be well suited for another post in the future. I was thinking of saving the DVD for closer to the race, but I think I’ll watch it soon and then re-watch it if it is as inspirational as people make it seem.

You say cliche, I say I’m all over it!

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