Team Mermaid

Thick girls need lovin’ too!

So, Mr. Wilson was caught with his foot in his mouth again. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, please read this article Lululemon co-founder on too-sheer yoga pants: Not for ‘some women’s bodies’. He didn’t come right out and say “Big girls can’t wear Lulu”…but he might as well have. Funny thing is, thick girls still rock his products and will continue to do so.
Me being one of them, I’ve been coveting a pair for awhile. I have other stuff from there, but until last week, I couldn’t pull the trigger on almost three digit workout bottoms. However, I decided to treat myself because we received our bonuses.
Before any of this PR nightmare with Chip, I saw this e-card that I thought was hilarious. Thigh Gaps! Of course I want one, I used to have one…in high school 😉 But for thick girls, this doesn’t come natural. For soccer girls, this doesn’t come natural. So essentially, I’m screwed…or I can be positive and consider myself a mermaid!!

Best rationale ever!

I went into the fairly new Arden location. I knew that I wanted some type of running Capri. It might even be the Capri’s I run my first marathon in, which is why I bought them four weeks from race day. I need to take them for a few test drives – short and long runs, for the chub rub and swedgie test.

I guess I should do a few definition breakdowns before I continue with reviewing my newest lulu addition:

Chub Rub – my fancy name for chaffing.
Swedgie – sweat + wedgie. When you see a girl/guy and you can see the sweat marks on their booty. It’s gross, but but it happens to the best of us.

The sales staff are fairly aggressive here. I think in an attempt to be super helpful, they don’t let you wander and try to find things for yourself. They ask you a slew of questions, workout and personal. Enough to determine what your needs are, your name, and if you are training for anything particular – which they then write on the mini white boards on their fitting room doors. I was “Stephanie – Running CIM”!

I had no idea what size I am here. I’ve only purchased tops and headbands, so I had no clue what size bottoms I would wear. I was guessing an 8 or a 10, but was happily surprised when size 6 was the winner. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. I haven’t seen that size in a LOOOOONG time 🙂


Being the independent shopper I am, I generally don’t like much help. Their merchandise is easily stocked and organized, so finding what I needed would be easy. However, they still wanted to check what items I was looking at and trying on and giving their advice. I listened patiently, but I was going to buy whatever I wanted and what felt comfortable to me!

I think I tried 3 different options in all. I ended up going with the Wunder Under Crop – IPLUX. The material is similar to Under Armour cold gear. It’s very shiny, yet not see through. This should help with the thick girl legs and the rubbing together issue Mr. Wilson wanted to address.




They look and feel like any other black Capri’s. I liked running in them. They felt “compression” like without cutting circulation off at my calves. I enjoyed the large waistband, that style always feels most comfortable. I enjoyed running in them, but I cannot be sure if it was because they actually felt good or if it was because I knew they were Lulu’s. Sad to say, but I’m such a label lover sometimes, almost to my detriment. But mix that with a baller-on-a-budget attitude and I know that only a few pairs of lulu anything will be in my workout rotation. I know Target C9 Capri’s get the job done just fine. But for those days I want to feel pampered, I can pull out the lulu’s!

Pre-run look.

$88 poorer, I finally can sport some Lulu’s on my stems. I don’t think I’ll be running out to buy more workout/running Capri’s. But you can bet I will be back for the Herringbone yoga tights that I will wear as leggings for the cold months. They were so cute and soft, and cute, but I couldn’t justify buying to pairs of pants in one trip. Maybe they’ll go on the Christmas list…

Breaking them in with a 4 mile, evening run!

I will rock Lulu’s just to spite you Mr. Wilson!


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