The Great Garmin Debacle of 2013

Oh no you didn’t!!
When you order from Amazon you hope and think that everything is as advertised, right? Well, after finally pulling the trigger on a Garmin watch, I was proven wrong. One could blame this on the fact that I purchased one at a fairly discounted rate or because it was from a third party seller. However, when something is listed as “Condition: New” it should be as stated. Well, mine wasn’t.
Let’s go back about five weeks, or so. Yes, that’s how long it took me to register my dang watch. Since I could see the pertinent information – times, pace, and distance, I didn’t really think I needed to upload it on the computer yet. Well, that changed last week.
I went to set up my Garmin Connect account and also register Mr. Garmin (not sure where this name came from, but its stuck). I’ve been told that Garmin has great customer service, so I wanted to make sure my purchase was documented. Well, unannounced to me, as I registered my watch it listed the product as “refurbished”. If you know me at all, I do not like being lied too…and I don’t respond well to it! 

Garmin Package #1

Here is the original packaging it came in. I did think it was rather odd that it came in this packaging, but since I’ve never owned one I thought maybe that’s how they come. After I opened the box, I didn’t pay any mind to the packaging.
After using it for a few weeks, I did wonder if there were some defects. It seems to take longer than other fellow runner’s watches to find the satellites. I attributed it to my random locations and just kept using it. No real issue, runs were going as planned and Mr. Garmin was working like it was supposed too.
This is until I stumbled upon the seller’s little secret. I paid over $200 for a refurbished product. I was sitting in bed, laptop on my lap, fuming! Since I rarely have to return anything to Amazon, I wasn’t sure what to do next. So I decided to send the seller: GOODEALS4LESS Inc. (yes, I believe they are missing another D in their name) and laid into them. I then immediately went onto Amazon.com and reviewed them as sellers. Everything written was factual, I kept it simple and gave them one star (because you cannot give zero stars, apparently).
It took less than a day for the seller to contact me. Apparently a low seller rating really effects their business, as it should. Their emails lacked punctuation and grammar. Their first offer was to give me a $5 credit…seriously, you obviously have got to be kidding! They blamed it on the distributor and said they were honest in what they were selling, then they also added a sob story blurb about this is their only source of income for their family.
After much back and forth over two or so days. They knew I would not budge and I didn’t care if they gave me a measly credit. I’d keep the refurbished watch and they’d keep their review. The only option I gave them was to ship me a new one and when I registered and confirmed it was not refurbished, I would then ship back the original one. Yes, this is a very out of the ordinary request, since most people would not do this. But being in the midst of marathon training, I couldn’t afford to go without a watch for any period of time. I was willing to keep a pricey refurbished watch, rather than go without one, that’s how serious I was.
Lo and behold, look what came last Saturday. A shiny, new Mr. Garmin part deux. This is how a brand new package should look, right? Then the seller immediately started hounding me to send back the original package, which I did Monday ,as promised. They said they would credit me for the return shipping, so we shall see how that goes, it will arrive next Monday.

Garmin Package #2

Needless to say, although I came out on top, I would have rather not had to deal with this. There is still the possibility the seller will attempt to charge my credit card for another watch. If he does, he better be ready for WW3!

Time to go update my review…

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