Ballon d' huh??

Everyone’s over here watching Juan Pablo on The Bachelor and I’m obsessing over the FIFA Ballon d’Or!

I know I blog A LOT about running, however, soccer (or futbol) is my first true love.

Here’s a little back history on what I’m even talking about right now! Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is an international body governing soccer (as we Americans call it). Essentially, every year they award one male and female, player of the year (for the previous year) which would be the FIFA Ballon d’Or (for men).

As much as everyone loves to hate him, Cristiano Ronaldo WON! Not only is he the crazy, hottest soccer player ever, he can ball. Which, I think, is why so many people (guys) despise him. Yes, he’s fashionable, always in the media, and may flop more than we’d like – but it doesn’t take away from his natural talent. 

CR IG // With his award 🙂

So, yesterday this award was announced and the social media world was set a blaze. Most people just congratulating him, but some saying that he only won because Messi was injured. Messi has won the last 3 years, with the inaugural award in 2010.

Fox Soccer IG // Tearing up at his award, with his son.

You can read a little more about it here, but really all you need to do is look at his face, it’s a thing of beauty. I’m even that much more excited about the WC because Portugal is in our Group of Death. I’m just hoping we can stop him, but watching him for 90 minutes will be glorious!

Soccerdotcom IG // 2013 FIFA Ballon d’Or winner!

You’re welcome!

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