5 Things Friday

5 is my favorite number…

…so here it goes! 5 (random) things for this lovely Friday!

1. Trolling – every and all social media things to find ridiculous things to send to friends or things to keep me motivated or inspired. 

Sent this to the Bestest!
I died!
Tiny Buddha
2. India.Arie – I can never get sick of this lady! Her lyrics move and speak to my soul. I love her voice, her lyrics…EVERYTHING about her.

Sunday mornings…

3. Running – I’ve been all over the place lately, especially since I have a halfer coming up in two weeks, but I am always trying to keep the “joy in running”. New running shoes always makes running more fun. I’m still debating on if I want to deviate and get a pair of Adidas Boost! I went to demo them, but they had already given my size away 🙁 So at the end of the night I tried two pairs that were way too big, but at least I got to get an idea of the foot feel. Some serious life decisions I’m going through these days 😉

Saucony Kinvara // superfeet Berry // Luluelmon IG quote

4. Lifting – I love it! I do it! I want more of it! This little image made me smile, the 4 “L’s” of life that I wholeheartedly agree with! Lifting > Running, but I know I need to incorporate running into my life. The only downside to lifting is it gives me boy hands! I try not to wear gloves, apparently that’s for sissies 😉 Although it’s 5:30AM, I love, love, love going to my Midtown Strength and Conditioning classes twice a week. They challenge and teach me, way more than I could do on my own. I actually decided to miss a class for the FIRST time this week and I felt completely guilty all day. I felt more guilty skipping the workout, but a little guilty because of how much I spend on attending this additional gym. Oh well, sometimes the body needs sleep and recovery…I have to keep reminding myself that!

Life motto!

5. Spinning – I don’t know if I am craving something different (other than running or lifting) or if I am literally just craving spin class. I’ve been wanting to get on a bike, a lot, lately. I took half a spin class this week (poor planning on my part) and hopped on last night for a good 20 minute ride – alternating seated and standing according to my play list (alternate each song)! There is something about it that I am really enjoying lately, it’s challenging and it gets my heart rate up…can’t beat that!! I need to get my bike fixed (and the rain needs to stop, but not really) so I can get out on the road and get stronger on the bike!!

24 Hour Fitness

For some reason, most of these are fitness related! But I guess that’s a good thing right?  Have a fabulous weekended lovelies and #runhappy!

Birthday month officially starts tomorrow!

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