Poppin’ my WIAW Cherry!

Because, the only thing I can focus on right now is today is the FIRST Cactus League game for my G-men versus the A’s in AZ!

So, I’m gettin’ down and linkin’ up with:

Jen @ Peas and Crayons

This is a first, so of course I had to get the deets. However, after reading Jen’s post about WIAW is all about, I decided I’m going to purge (all 5) my iPhone food pics from the past week or so. Since I only snap food pics at random, I don’t have a full day’s worth to enlighten you with my food intake.

Also, these pictures are all iPhone, no fancy camera shots or food
styled. Just me trying to take a picture before I devour whatever it is
in front of me!

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes // PB&J and Almond Joy
KIND // Vanilla Blueberry
Nugget Market // Purifier (Technically a drink, I didn’t eat it – oh well)
Monday Dinner // Chicago Fire Spinach Salad & Homemade Mac-n-Cheese w/ Bacon
Buckhorn Grill // Midtown Burger & Fries

Yeah, the AZ mode went out the door a few weeks back. I’m mostly okay with it, until my new bathing suits come in the mail – then I’ll sulk! But I’m pretty sure #IRuntoEat ! My parents dropped of an entire dish of Shepard’s Pie so I’ve been eating that for breakfast almost every day, but I didn’t capture a picture of it – it doesn’t look so pretty!

I just put myself on “food” blast with this post…


    • S Ganeeban

      Hi Jessie! Thanks 🙂 I loved the KIND bar, the vanilla was subtle and not overpowering, which I really appreciated! I've had one other from a race, I think it was their choco version and it was amazing too. I don't think I can go wrong with any KIND bar! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my post!

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