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Race Recap: The Scottsdale Giant Race 9k

It’s totally normal to wake up before 6AM on vacation, right?!?

New shoes, same perspective…

Well of course it is, if you want to be a part of an inaugural race. I think they use this word “inaugural” very loosely, because they’ve offered this race before. However, they changed the distances and made it more baseball themed. I’m not a hundred percent correct here, so don’t quote me, but I believe it went from either a 5k or 10k option to a 3 mile or 9k option.

As per the usu, if I’m going to sign up for a race, I might as well do the longer course (well, as long as it’s not a marathon)! I knew I wanted to celebrate my big 3-1 in Arizona watching my G-men get their spring  raining on, so I was incredibly excited when I received the e-mail that on the same weekend there was a race to support my team! I couldn’t say no, the hard part was recruiting the others on our “girls weekend”! Needless to say, I was only able to recruit one person, my little sister (Lil)! She doesn’t really say no to any challenge I put forth, even if she hasn’t trained (case in point, this race).

#25, just like my favorite player Barry Bonds!

About a week prior to the race they mailed my bib and a letter with some details. Learning from past Giants races (SF and SJ), I learned the mail option was better than trying to partake in race day packet pick-up, I don’t like the uncertainty of all that jazz. My biggest fear was that I would accidentally forget my bib at home, which thankfully, I didn’t!!

3-7-14 // First night in AZ!

You know you have supportive friends, when they make sure they get you to bed by 1AM on race day. Although we were there to party and enjoy AZ, they made sure Lil and I were somewhat rested before our race. 7AM start time! Who does that? Well, due to the fact that there was a 1:05PM game, the race start had to be early enough to clear out the course before people started arriving for the game. Lucky us 9k-ers, we started at 7AM and the 3 milers started at 7:45AM!

Home of the Orange && Black!
A sunrise with a cowboy!
Obligatory start line photo op!
Big y Lil // Ready to Race
This race was fairly small, which is by no means a complaint by me. I enjoy  when they are small and intimate like this. Mix in that I get to support one of my all time favorite teams and this could easily be one of my favorite races of 2014! There was a very interesting man, dressed in American flag/Cowboy garb, on a horse. Oh and he sung the national anthem. Apparently he’s a legend around here….I think! After we snag our hearts out and cheered, we all Boo’d a random Dodger fan who showed up in full garb, who does that? I would so have wanted to pass her, but damn, girl was F-A-S-T! Ugh fast and a Dodger fan, gross!

Any who, we were off. The course was a huge loop around the city and the ballpark, take a peek at the course map. Each kilometer was marked with a sign and a funny/cute little saying. I’m not sure if I loved it or hated it, I had to watch 1-8 go by! It’s always fun to race a new race, so every thing was new. Most of the sights and path I hadn’t seen before. We ran parallel on a levee, we ran on a bike trail that led to a park, then down to the outskirts of a golf course. It wouldn’t be a baseball run if we didn’t end on the field, duh! There were three aid stations on the 9k course, none of which I partook in, I just wanted to finish. The only taboo that I could conjure is that for a good portion of the race we were running on a fairly busy street, going with the flow of traffic – which is basically a running sin. You cannot see or react to cars, because they are coming up behind you. They had a lane coned off for us, but I still felt slightly uneasy. Also, there was the sidewalk to run on, but still a car can easily careen through the cones and hit a runner. Just random thoughts running through my head as I was running.

There were a handful of volunteers on the course, mostly kids manning the water stations. But cheers and high fives are always a great motivator. On your last big turn into the stadium area they had a group of awesome, rambunctious college-age (I’m guessing) kids cheering and shooting you with water guns! I loved their energy and it was great to see them out there enjoying themselves, not wishing they were in bed instead of earning some type of extra credit or community service by being there.

As you entered the stadium there were two Bud Lite girls standing there, handing out beads. This is such a dilemma for me, be rude and run past them or be nice, smile and grab the beads. Okay, I always use the mantra #runhappy, so I grabbed the dang beads. Slightly annoyed, by still smiling, I ponder (as I was trying to finish reallllly strong) why they’d have them so close to the finish and handing out mardi gras style beads? Oh well, I finished strong and happy. With less than 5 hours of sleep and no pre-race breakfast (just some coffee), it couldn’t have gone better.

Scottsdale Stadium // Left Field
Lil coming through the finish!
We’re DONE! // Sweaty Sissy pic!
Sweet bling // 9k Finisher

As you make the turn into the stadium, post bead grabbing, you start running on the warning track. The finish line is very close. As I ran through the balloon arch and over the timing mat, I was smiling from ear to ear. I waited patiently for Lil to finish and while doing so, a nice lady gave me her free water. I must have looked exhausted, because she smiled at me and said “You could use this!” I thanked her and took a few pictures of the field and the morning sun. Not soon after, Lil finished and I forced her to take a picture, before she had a chance to catch her breath. I replaced, said nice lady’s water, and we were handed our medals and climbed a few stairs to exit the stadium. We stretched and followed the signs to “More Fun”! More fun included a free Bud Lite, viewing your race times (which was malfunctioning past the 40th runner), posing with Posey or Timmy cut outs, a free banana and some Power Gel jelly thingy’s.

Posey & I
Timmy & Lil
Headband selfie!

It’s an inspiring run to be a part of!. Everyone there, with the exception of the dumb Dodger fan(s), love my team just as much as I do. Almost all of the runners were sporting some sort of orange and black! As I said previously, the race is small and in the early stages (I think), so their whole set-up is pretty laid back. Originally they were offering a  bag-check (which they told us in the initial letter), but in a follow-up e-mail, apparently they said they were no longer offering that. No biggie, we just threw our long sleeves under the t-shirt table and hoped they’d be there after the race! As we left the stadium gates, we grabbed our race shirts and our hidden pre-race shirts. They had a few vendors, probably about 8 of them, there for before or after the race! I was super stoked to see a headband vendor there, they had the cutest Giants headbands, I’m such a sucker for anything orange and black!!

Typical IG race collage!

Runcation, didn’t think I’d ever have that word in my vocab….


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