WIAW [2] – Tuesday’s are for Tequila!

Ones liver should never age…
Peas and Crayons
OR I shouldn’t drink like I’m in my 20’s on a Tuesday night. That might be a good idea. Time to partake in Jenn @ Peas and Crayons weekly tradition.
So, here’s what I consumed yesterday. Not pictured: Trader Joe’s Chicken and Green Chili (frozen) Burrito for breakfast and some coffee. But I did kill the rest of this lovely snack!
Whole Foods // Watermelon
The parentals and Momma’s BFF wanted to take me to lunch yesterday, who am I to turn that down?
Buckhorn Grill // Midtown Burger w/ Roadhouse Onions & a Sprite
The Bestest and I had been looking forward to our first Yelp event together. She is the best plus one an Elite can ask for! Hahaha! Yelp Sacramento was offering three nights of HH to try the new menu at Capital Dime on the grid. We’ve eaten here before, so we knew what we were getting into. I’d peeped the previous night reviews, so I had some expectations.
Me & the Bestest

Yelpies // Me – Bestest – Mack – Kokizzle

Let’s just say they weren’t met. We waited over an hour for two street tacos, but the bar did make up for it by pumping us full of Tequila. It should be known that we’ve been divorced since my college days, but sometimes you just have to rekindle that love for one night, and one night only…
Capital Dime // Bacon Cracker Jack’s
Capital Dime // Modelo
Capital Dime // Chorizo Chips
Capital Dime // Tequila shot and pallet cleanser shot – BOTH spicy 🙁
Capital Dime // Margarita

Capital Dime // Chorizo Taco & Chicken Taco

The end of the evening…

Since we were basically starving and, we continued the party and wanted just one more drink and something to eat. We went to the local spot that makes our favorite drink and is walking distance from my casa. Seriously though, we didn’t pay attention at the time, but $16 for a burger is pretty ridiculous – I think there was an up charge for the salad…but still. Drinking makes you forget you’re a baller-on-a-budget!

When you ask the bartender for extra apples!

Red Rabbit // We NEVER remember the correct name, so we call them Crack Mines!

Red Rabbit // Red Rabbit Burger w/ Over Easy Egg
Sometimes a night with your bestest (and good family friends) reminds you that the hangover is worth it! We had some serious catching up and gossiping to do, but really all we do is laugh until our stomachs hurt! That…and eat hella calories and enjoy every bite of them!

Wednesday hangovers are not the business….

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