SomeBunny Had an Egg-cellent Weekend

Yeah, I went that cheesy on you!!

Easter weekend, what a great weekend. Always filled with family, good times, and good food!

I completely spaced, that on Friday’s before big
holiday’s, my company usually only makes us work a half day. So while I
was at lunch, I received a text from my boss saying I didn’t have to
come back if I didn’t want too. I did, but only to bring my co-worker
the Jamba Juice I picked up for her and to wrap up a few minute details.
Then I was off. Sadly, I didn’t do anything productive, BUT I did go
over to one of my faves’ houses and played with her two daughters and
had some good quality time with them! It’s a nice feeling to have
friends who you can talk to anything about, without feeling judged!

Surprise Play Date w/ my Girls!!
Friday night we went out to celebrate one of another fave’s birthday!
Who wouldn’t want to end the night with some quac, booze, and mariachi?
Although I was fifth wheel, I don’t ever care when I’m with this group
of people!
Umm, yes please!
Carnitas Dinner shared w/ the Bestest
Dinner collage, a must!
Getting an IG account is pretty exciting!
Saturday was busy, but by my choice. I was able to wake up leisurely and attempt to sleep in. Does anyone else have issues sleeping in lately? I never used too, but now it seems damn near impossible. A typical case of the first world problems, I guess. I woke up, had my traditional pre-run breakfast of coffee (for the fringe benefits) and some carbs (this time a half of a bagel). Then it was off for a long run. I felt every part of the L-O-N-G in this run! It was nice to log the miles, since I only run for November Project lately. I made it a point to not look at my Mr. Garmin and only have the current time showing, besides my mile splits. It was nice, still need to work on my “easy” pace, but who doesn’t?
Running proof!
Then it was off to hangout with one of my best friends. We sat there and calculated it’s been over 6 weeks since we’ve hung out. That is dumb, we vowed never to let that happen. It may seem short for some friendships, but we live only about 10 miles from each other. It didn’t matter where we went, we just knew we were taking two wheeled transportation! She wanted bottomless mimosa’s and I wanted wine – so we settled on a local placed called 58 Degrees. It’s been on the grid for years, but I wrote it off a long time ago. But I’m glad I came back, it was delicious and I left a happy camper/biker!
Biking selfie, like a champ!
58 Degrees // Brunch Bread – Apple
58 Degrees // Griddled Hangar Steak sandwich and roasted potatoes
Why choose, when you can order 2 half glasses?

After feeling “happy” from our funstivites lunch, I set out to run a bunch of errands. Lucky for me, they all required me to shop! And shop at some of my favorite stores – Nordstrom and Target. I was on the hunt for an Easter dress, that was my real intent of shopping. Other stuff and pay my Nordies bill (like a person with good credit would do)! Then when all was said and done I went to visit the Boy to dye eggs. I haven’t done this in years, it was a lot of fun! It’s always more fun to do these types of things through the eyes of children. The excitement and giddiness they share when they do these simple activities is contagious!

Dying eggs 🙂

And just like that it was Easter Sunday! Again, not much sleeping in was happening. So I woke up and ran to the store quickly to grab part of my pre-run breakfast, another bagel! Then after some cleaning up and breakfast, I was out to do another easy 6 miles. I haven’t run back-to-back days in a long time. Since I knew I had to get home to get ready, I ran a little faster. Not on purpose, but because of the stress of time!

Easter miles!
I stopped by the Boy’s family party to drop off some Easter goodies and say Hi, then it was on the way to my Family’s party. Of course, I had to stop by the store to grab my contribution to the party. Who doesn’t love pre-bagged salad with all the fixings? I even gave them options – an Asian inspired or Mexican inspired salad! So many people, too many opinions, means I will buy pre-made and not spend too much time or thought on it!
Selfie to peep the new lipstick!
Hoppy Easter!
Our Easter feast almost resembled a Thanksgiving feast. It was delicious. After gorging out on food and watching the SF Giants take home the win (and avoid a sweep) we decided it was time for an egg hunt!
A blend of Filipino, Chinese, Caucasian, and Persian contributions!
Sad thing is, we have way too many adults to kids ratio, so there is always an over abundance of eggs. So many, we just start throwing them on the grass. Yes, there are still babies that can get them, but it’s enough to need about 7 babies out there! It’s fun to watch the kids scramble and get competitive!
Example of too many eggs, not enough kidlets!
Happy Easter from the Ganeeban’s
Typical holiday collage with tons of selfies!
We also took this time to celebrate all of the March birthdays. So you guessed it, I got to celebrate my birthday AGAIN! It literally is birthday month for me 🙂
March Birthdays // Me – Poppa Bear – A. Margie (and the baby cause he’s cute)

Ohana, the only way to end Easter weekend…

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