WIAW – Cause Snacking is How I Roll…

I snack to kill time in between meals…

Peas and Crayons
Thanks, Jenn!

When someone asks my hobbies, “snacking” is always in the top 5! I’m a constant snacker, more so at my desk, rather than on the weekends when I’m out and about.

I feel like a slight apology is in order, because I never really follow the WIAW rules guidelines and I kinda just do my own thing. Since I don’t ever really document every meal of any specific day, you get themes. So today, is snacking…things I have snapped quick pics of lately, before my grubby little hands could eat them 😉

My favorite road trip snack and/or pick-me-up snack. They just go together, just like college and booze. I love Cheez-Its any time of the day, but paired with a RB is heavenly!

Red Bull && Cheez-Its

I’m bringing you the straight newness here. Here are some new snacks, that I got my hands on! Tasty, tasty, tasty…I love trying new snacks. Especially when they are in bar form, easy to eat and take anywhere, almost too dang convenient!

KIND Bars && Mojo Fruit & Nut Bar

Liquid snacks are just as good as edible snacks. Sometimes when I’m not hungry enough for an entire meal and don’t feel like eating an unhealthy snack, I’ll grab one of these lovely things! I’ve been going to the Nugget Market to get them, but this little loveliness came from the Sacramento Co-op! Their juicer was broken, so I went with the Fruit Stand smoothie! It was great, slightly tart, slightly sweet. Of course I had to figure out what to substitute the bananas with…pardon my first world problems, here!

Sacramento Co-Op // The Fruit Stand Smoothie
Last, but not least, the new hotness that our little lovely black and yellow friends have a helping hand in. The best heart healthy snack out there. I seriously consume cans on cans on cans of the original Honey Roasted almonds, but these three new flavors to hit the market are seriously game changers. They are off the hook amazing, well since I can’t do spicy I don’t eat the Chipotle ones, but I did try them! If you like anything at ALL, you will like these.
NEW Honey Roasted Line
Trust me, this post could put you to sleep if I put all of my favorite snacks on here. I really wish I could get paid for my eating habits, now that would be ideal. So for now, I will just leave you with this snippet of snackage that has been happening! Now I really need to get to my spin class, caloric guilt is setting in 😉
This post come from an (self-prescribed) official super snacker!!

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