5 Things Friday – Death by 5's

Cause life only comes in 5’s…

Five Things Friday

In between chugs of this bad boy…

Just like Smartwater but cheaper!

…I banged out some 5-er’s for you to enjoy!

Happy x 5

1. I found the Suja juice I’ve been looking for. Well I wasn’t looking too hard, but I did find it at my local co-op. Geez, why didn’t someone tell me it retails for $8, luckily I got it on sale for $6.69. I still don’t even feel like that’s a steal :/

Sac Co-Op // Suja Juice Selection

2. My favorite sando spot is now open until 9PM. The have one of my most coveted veggie sandwiches EVER! They used to close ta 3:30PM, so it was only a lunch time or Saturday treat for me…but NOT any more!!

Dad’s Sandwiches // Sacramento, CA

3. Momma’s Day is right around the corner! Can’t wait to give my Momma Bear her cute little present and card, hope she likes what I picked out this year. Mom’s really do go under appreciated, they are pretty amazing humans!

4. I have a race tomorrow. I’m not actually excited about it being a race, more excited that I’ll be doing my first trail run of the year. Since my running has been lacking, it’s going to be rough. I’m ready for the pain, but excited for the scenery. Fake it, till you make it!

5. Does anyone else get excited about packaging changes? I do. It must be the marketer in me. And also the fact that the last 4+ years I’ve worked in the food manufacturing sector, so I know how much hard work goes into conception to ship date of a new package design. I also wish I had the skill set to do more design work, so it intrigues me. Also, I am always very curious why the company made the decision. I have been drinking Rice Dream for over a year now, but I don’t know too much about the company. They make a great product and I enjoy the more earthy feel to their package! Okay…I’ll stop nerding out!

Bought at Sac Co-op

Presents I’ve Already Given Mom for Mother’s Day x 5

1. Spa Day Package – it took her 3 years to use it.

2. Macy’s Gift Card(s) – or any clothing store for that matter…again, takes her years to actually spend them.

3. Money – boring and weird, she’ll just hoard it!

4. A Card – I’m too old to just give a card or find a present around the house, damn!

5. Flowers – that’s what my Dad always does, so it’s not fair!

Retail Therapy x 5

1. Under Armour Gym Bag – It was on sale. I’ve had my other UA bag for years. Justified purchase.

Not the best pic…

2. Adidas ZX Weave 500 – because I’ve been wanting a casual pair of shoes for awhile. 

3. Postal Pix – I needed to print more current pictures. Even though all of my other prints just sit there in a pile. It was definitely a necessity ๐Ÿ˜‰

Postal Pix // 4×4 and 4×6 pictures

4. C9 Workout Shirt – because I (again) needed a shirt to put our NP logo on. An old one would just not suffice….

Defacing a brand new shirt!

5. A little premature for this post – but I’m already imaging myself buying this next Wednesday when I go to the SF Giants game. So, I totally justify this, because this is just as good as me owning it.

SF Giant’s Store

This has nothing to do with anything 5 related, but just because it’s cute and cheesy… #NailedIt

Sports Bra <3

Keepin’ 5 alive…every Friday!!


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