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Race Recap: Dirty Secret Trail Run

Been there, done that!

Dirty Secret Trail Run

HA! Like that means anything. Just because you’ve run the same exact trail (race), doesn’t mean it still can’t kick your ass!! I respect the race, the distance, the difficulty…but I didn’t really respect my training for such a task.

My current training plan: no training plan.

Oh yeah, pretty smart, right?

Enough pity party. This race is put on by our local Fleet Feet (Sacramento). They only put on a few trail races a year, so they fill up fairly quickly. This race offers two distances – the short course is 5.8 miles and the long course is 10.3 miles. My mentality (a marathon or ultra distance not withstanding) is that if I’m out there, I might has go for the long distance. So, the Boy and I were signed up to run 10.3 miles in Cool, CA.

Cool, CA // Long Course = 10.3 Miles

Cool, CA is the most optimal trail running for a Sacramenten. It is about an hour away with trails that are fairly difficult and technical. There are plenty of non-Fleet Feet sanctioned races that happen here as well.

Packet pick-up was as normal as you can get. Fleet Feet packet pick-up the day before and day-of packet pick-up at the start line. The shirt is the exact same design as last year, just in a different color. After securing the goodies, it was time for a quick shakeout (literally 3.62 miles in 30 minutes) and then devouring some carby goodness!

Race Tee & Bib
All from Tj’s

Eating trails for breakfast is normal, right?!? If you read many/any of my recent posts, there is a trend of “non-training” that I’ve been going through. So, for this race, this wasn’t much different.The only difference about this race is that it is on a Saturday. This means potentially being sore for the rest of the weekend, but oh well 😉

Pre – During – Recovery FUEL
Gear Grid // Dirty Secret Trail Race

There were two start times for each course. The long course options were 7:30AM or 7:40AM. As you’d expect these two start times are based on your estimated average minutes per mile. If you expect to be under a 9min/mile, you go first. However, as usual, people never follow this. I experienced this last year and realized, it was better to just start first. That was the plan, until we were still in line for the port-a-potty when the gun went off. No biggie, we just did our business and started a few minutes later!

Pre-race stems!
Pre-race selfie!
Start Area at a school

And off we went. This was the Boy’s first trail race. Since I’ve done this course, I was vaguely familiar with what I was getting into. For some reason the course looked a little different, someone mentioned it looked greener than last year. Which would be really weird, because we have had a drier year this year, compared to last.

I honestly can’t recall much of the course to list out the details of the hills, the steady incline, and the technical downhills. It should be noted that I am happy there were no biffs casualties, so I consider that a win for a trail race. There were three aid stations, none of which we actually stopped at. However, I did grab a quick swig of water at the first and then a quick swig of electrolytes at the second one. I just bypassed the third one, because I just wanted to finish!

Post race dirrrrtyness!
Post race selfie!

Here are my splits for the race. The splits need no explanation, you can see where I was flying downhill and where I was sucking wind to get up a hill!

Mile 1 – 9:46
Mile 2 – 9:14
Mile 3 – 9:32
Mile 4 – 11:38
Mile 5 – 8:53
Mile 6 – 12:38
Mile 7 – 10:14
Mile 8 – 9:44
Mile 9 – 9:38
Mile 10 – 9:10
Mile 11 – 11:00

The only thing I can recall, even from racing last year, is that the last mile is pretty awful, especially the last 0.5 miles. You literally climb uphill the entire time, even to cross the finish line. I knew to keep it conservative from mile 9-10, where there is a good stretch of even (trail) running. Thankfully, I’ve gotten better at fueling, so I knew to eat more so I wouldn’t cramp (I did forget my salt tablets). That was an issue last year. Another win in my book, learning and growing from previous races.

Mr. Garmin and the official race time were almost spot on. I crossed the finish at 1:44:28. I was able to shave about five minutes of my race time from last year. Another win, since I haven’t been training as much.

PRO Compression for the drive home.

I truly enjoy trail running, the challenges are so different and the time pressure is non-existent (kinda, if I’m going to be honest). It was also the Boy’s first trail race. Like his first Halfer, he (kinda) looked to me on how to pace this race. We both decided we’d run hard, but not kill ourselves. We wanted to enjoy the race as well. I reminded him to take in the scenery, because we never run hills, so all this was new to him. Thankfully, he kept pushing, which made me run stronger. However, he did listen when I said I’d like to walk. He obliged. I could tell in his face, for the first big hill, he didn’t want to walk. Defeated, he looked at me and started to walk. Miles later (and after the race) he did say that he now understood why I walked when I did.

Happy and finished, we stretched for a good 10 minutes. We bypassed the post race pancake breakfast, because we had to get home. We had an hour car ride ahead of us, so we didn’t want to get too tight from all that sitting. A quick wet wipe shower and a change of some clothes and we were off, back to Sacramento. However, we were both starving so when we got into town we decided to go somewhere for a quick Brunch. We picked a spot where we’ve both never tried their brunch before…and I’m glad we did! We pigged out, be decided to be kinda healthy and split a calorie laden meal! We earned it!

Post race goodness // Cafeteria 15L

Trails taste great for breakfast…


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