Thinking out Loud…Cause It’s Thursday…

Some casual thoughts…


because the freedom to type feels so good…

1. Sunburn – Those pesky parts in your hair are the worst. I completely forget about putting sunblock there, lo and behold, a couple days later I have more dandruff than an 80 year old man. Not to mention it starts off as red as a lobster and is sensitive to the touch. It isn’t like the rest of my skin, which quickly turns another shade of brown, it just burns, hurts, and peels.

The culprit, with a random ring around it!

2. Salmon Cobb Salad – I have plenty of cravings, but this one was for real, for real. I literally had to go and get it. It never lets me down. Please let me explain – salmon, bacon, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, lettuce (duh), feta cheese, and a lemon vinaigrette! It’s amazing! They sell it in a full or half size, but if you order the half size, I’m pretty sure it’s a full size ๐Ÿ˜‰ Baller-on-a-budget technique right there! I wish I could eat this at least three times a week. I should really try to make this at home!

Crepeville // Salmon Cobb Salad & wine

3. Ankle Issues – or Achilles issue. I’m not really sure, it’s probably a mixture of both, and add in a little calf tightness. I’ve rolled it, massaged it, and tried to keep a minimum workout routine. It feels really tight. I wouldn’t mind much, if I didn’t have my first trail race on Saturday. 10 miles of trail with a wonky ankle, all bad!

From tready chronicles to elliptical chronicles!

4. Feeling Official – we finally received our stencil for November Project. Now we are sexy beasts with our logo (soon to be) running around Sacramento! Apparently I missed my calling as a “tagger,” because using spray painting is fun! I was also really excited that we had two new gals show up and I recruited a random guy who was working out near us. It was fun to have some new faces and personalities to the group!

Proudly sporting NP!
What went down on Wednesday!

5. Carbs – It’s official – I race to EAT carbs! The whole, start eating carbs two days pre-race, means today is carbby! I’ve been pretty good about eating good carbs and none for dinner, but now I get to break that for the next two days! Holler…I couldn’t be any happier!!

Because I love carbs and I love Disney! I want to go back!
Bagel = Carb goodness // with 2 egg whites, slice of cheese, and ketchup

6. Mom’s – I think we should celebrate them everyday, but I’m always excited for Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day). Just another reason to spoil the humans that mean the most to me! Hope you all have fun plans, we’ll be having a glorious BBQ and some quality family time. Couldn’t think of a better way to spend it!

Source // Honest IG

7. Yoga – I’ve been saying it, but I really need to get some of this in my life! I think it would be good for my mind, body, and soul. Maybe not the first or last, because sometimes I get so bored in class. But I do know that my body could use some of yoga’s goodness, whatever it is… 

8. Dance Like No One is Watching – this by far has to be one of my favorite pics of us to date! My rhythm might be lacking (always), but it doesn’t stop me from dancing. Alcohol or not, I’m always game for get my groove on! There is nothing more freeing that just shakin’ it and having a good time! 

Weddings are for dancing!!
It’s almost therapeutic to think out loud on Thursday’s…


  • Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    Is it horrible that I actually WISH there was enough sun around here to get a sunburn? Let's just say that spring has been all sorts of late in showing up to the party, and that I'm more than ready to lose this glow in the dark paleness that I have going on. And I'm seriously the dancing QUEEN. I may be grandmotherly in my regular bedtime routine, but put me in a club with some good music and I can go all night. Just don't ask me to be coherent the next day lol.

    • S Ganeeban

      Seriously…if I add lotion or aloe to my scalp I look like a grease ball #firstworldprobs !!!

      I know, we'd love to have you out there. But, regardless, we should plan a run. I'd love to meet you in person, duh!!

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