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A Vaycay in the Whale’s Vagina!

If you don’t get that reference, then you should immediately Google it and watch that damn movie!

So, I talked about it all last week…and probably the week before…but I went on a RUNcation this past weekend! Many moons ago, I convinced myself, my best friend and her hubby to sign up for the Rock-N-Roll San Diego half marathon with me! This was the weekend it was going down! A long weekend vacation to So Cal with a looming race hanging over our heads!

Truth be told, completely, not one ounce of the three of us wanted to run this race. But, being the baller-on-a-budget that I am, I was not wasting (nor would I ever) a $99 race entrance fee. And yes, I’ve always wanted to run in a Rock-N-Roll race!

Sacramento > Orange County > San Diego and BACK

As Thursday at noon rolled around, I set my out of office and was off for a long weekend. Brought the boy lunch and washed clothes and packed for my impending departure to So Cal! Oh yeah, I also tagged my race shirt, to rep November Project! Around 7PM, my chariot arrived. Grabbed some pizza for dinner in the car and we were off. My trip would include the following cast members – my best friend – C, her husband – R, their lovebug, and the (her) mother-in-law – MIL (most of the time). Our plans were to crash with the hubby’s family in different cities, so along the way more cast members were added to the party!

#np_smf in SD
Backseat Buddies!

Our drive to the O.C. was plain awful. I wold have much rather flew, but they wanted to drive because of the lovebug. So, I went along with the plan. We caravan-ed from Sacramento to Orange County with the people we’d be staying with when we arrived in the OC. Little did we know that the Grapevine (the only way to get into LA from anywhere) was going to be conducting construction in the evening hours. The lovebug also wasn’t so keen on being in the car, so we stopped a few times to make sure he was comfortable, fed, and changed! No biggie at all. But the bumper-to-bumper traffic on 1-5 was nauseating! By the time we got to our destination it was 3:45AM. We could barely function to carry our bags into the house and fall into our assigned beds, but we did!

Bright and early on Friday AM, I was up. Thanks body, real cool while I’m on vacation. I went to bed and woke up with a gnarly headache. R’s cousin owns a Pilates + Cycle studio and we were already booked for a session at 11AM, prior to knowing we’d arrive at 3:45AM. So, some coffee and a few bites of a Bel Vita crackers and we were off to get our butts kick into shape. In hindsight, this probably wasn’t the best idea with a race just three short days later!

Wishing us good luck for Pilates + Cycle

Oh. My. Pilate’s. That shit is good! I would love to be a Pilate’s instructor. It’s hard and that machine looks like it jumped out of a sci-fi movie, but it kills. You also have to change your mindset, if you’re like me – fast, fast, fast, all the movements are slow and controlled. After 30 minutes of torture fun on these special machines, we hopped onto the spin bikes. Spin always holds a special place in my heart, so I loved every minute of it. She had us doing some extra arm movements that were new to me, I felt like I was dancing. They also sell the fanciest water there, in boxes…tasted good too! Oh OC, you fancy! After we somewhat cooled off, we were off to their fave post workout location for a tasty smoothie treat. They also convinced us their weed muffin Vegan Kale Muffin was good. It was good, but it looked so weird…

Pilates + Cycle in Orange – Claudia Martin
Mead’s Green Door Cafe post workout treat!

Showered and re-packed, we left for San Diego (or La Jolla, if you want to get specific)! We didn’t do much once we arrived. I met the family we were staying with, who are the most hospitable and sweetest humans alive. They have a gorgeous house with a pool and backyard bar. We spent some time in the pool and the Mom of the house cooked us a delicious pasta dinner, since it was imperative that we carbed up for our big race!

Our pool for the weekend
Backyard bar


Pool life in SD

Up and att’em somewhat early for a Saturday. Really body, why won’t you cooperate with some sleeping in action? People were scattered all throughout the house – every room and the couch! It was a full house, but it was fun! I literally felt like part of the family, even though I’ve known R and the MIL pretty much my whole life, I haven’t met much of this side of the MIL’s family before. As I tried not to wake the entire house for a Starbucks run, I did just that! Caused a ruckus and ran to grab some breakfast! Huge fail on my part!

Breakfast poolside
Poolside chillin before we start the day!
Ate moment with the Lovebug for breaky!

Then it was off to packet pick-up so we could get our “Beach Day” on! I would have loved to stay longer and peruse the expo, since this was my first (and maybe last) RnR race. However, the beach called our names, so we didn’t stay long. We grabbed our bibs, shirts, and took the obligatory pre-race picture! I did get to stop by the Suja booth and have a taste, also talked with one of their employees and yesss, they are coming out with an economical line to compete with the likes of Odwalla, Naked, etc.! So I can spend $4 instead of $8 and still be drinking something healthy!

Waiting in line to pay for parking!
No turning back now…


Packet pick-up shenanigans!
Lead sponsor: Suja Juice

The beach. Do I need to say anything more than that? We went to La Jolla beach, I think finding parking took almost as long as we were there for. Okay, slight exaggeration, but it was such a beautiful day, everyone was out and about. The water was perfect, not cold and freezing, but warm and inviting. It was the Lovebug’s first time at the ocean, so it was really fun to watch him take it in. Priceless, was when he tasted salt water for the first time. He kept licking his lips and making a silly face, something I’ll never forget! I was worried our beach day would tucker us out for the race, so I mostly laid out and tanned. I did get some good wave jumping action in, but for the most part, I drank some wine, read my book, and worked on my tan. Sand in my toes and salt in my hair was the perfect way to spend my day before a race!!

Bestie Beach Day
La Jolla!
Beach selfie!
Beach day fun!

Since the family we were staying with was a busy one – one daughter had a softball tournament and one daughter had senior ball – we didn’t want to intrude. So we went to visit another family of theirs for a few hours after the beach. We caught the ending of the Western Championship Finals, while I also met another family of my friends. I was able to watch a beautiful sunset from their backyard, it was the perfect view! After a few hours of good conversation and basketball watching, we headed back to the house to crash out before the race.

SD sunset

Shower taken, race outfit laid out, breakfast ready to be made, and the coffee maker was set! Although I would have pulled out of running in a heartbeat, I was set. The bestest had been coming down with something, so in the end, she decided not to race. Thankfully, it worked out for the best. She dropped us off right at the start and picked us up right at the finish. The race recap will be coming soon, but because it wasn’t my ideal race, I’m not sure how enthusiastic it will be :/

Pre-race selfie!
About to get this party started!

Since we barely planned anything in regards to the race, last minute we decided where we’d meet at the end. We originally went with the numbering system we read about, then used color as a back-up. Little did I know how the post-race would look and I didn’t see the “G” we were supposed to meet at. Needless to say, I sat there for probably a good extra 20 minutes. I also didn’t bring my phone, so some nice strangers (and one not so nice stranger) let me use theirs to call my Bestest to coordinate pick up. Finally, after a bit we were safely in the car and off to breakfast!

Post-race chauffeur

I literally never really crave sweets after a race, but I went for sweet && salty this time. It was perfect, Chicken and Waffles! After breaky, we headed back to the house. I literally did nothing for the rest of the day. I didn’t even shower, because I immediately got into my swim suit and got in the pool. Then alternated between laying out and dipping in the pool to cool off. I got some serious reading time in, I’m actually almost done with my book 🙂 After the sun went down and both families were back – I showered and we had a delicious BBQ. Since we were leaving back to the OC that night, we wanted to get some QT in with everyone!

Poolside afternoon relaxation!
Lovebugs send-off song!

Thankfully our drive from SD to OC was painless. No traffic and the lovebug was pretty calm. We got to the house and everyone pretty much got ready for bed and the loooong drive ahead of us for Monday!

I have never been and probably won’t ever be a fan of road trips! I’d much rather fly and I don’t even care for that too much either. I try to sleep my way through them, but sometimes it’s not easy too. The Bestest was super carsick and we pulled over a few times for her. Thankfully R did ALL of the driving, I did offer, but he refused! The trip home (always) seemed to take forever. Maybe its the anticipation of actually sleeping in one’s bed again or the actual traffic we hit, but it was a long ride!

Our morning before our drive home!

Since I didn’t post yesterday, because when one is on vacation, posting does NOT happen:
Rose: Spending QT with my best friend and her son and literally doing nothing on Sunday after the race, besides tanning, reading, and swimming!
Thorn: Being in the car for hours, although my company was amazing!

Overall, it was a great vacation. In the spectrum of activity, it was low key. I barely spent any money and I even had a decent race. My quads are feeling it today, but that probably has more to do with playing 1.5 indoor soccer games after I got back into town. I’m a sucker when there are no subs, I can’t say NO! I understand why people live down there, the weather and water are perfect. I love my NorCal roots, but I can totally understand how luring So Cal could be!
I can admit, I’m smitten with the Whales Vagina!


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