Rose & Thorn [5]

Summer is here…

…and I have the sweat stained clothes to prove it! Gross, huh? Sacramento doesn’t play when it comes to summer! It comes at you full force, until September, if we’re lucky :/

If I could sum up my weekend, here it is:
Rose: Going on a double date to see Wicked with the Bestest!
Thorn: Freakin’ Sacramento HEAT!

What was your Rose & Thorn?


Does anyone else nap frequently? I’m notoriously made fun of for my daily naps, I thrive off of them. So, when I got home from work on Friday, a nap ensued (as it does every day after work – 30 minutes preferably). Then the Boy and I walked to go pick up my bib and race shirt for my impending 2nd half marathon in 7 days! We perused the local Fleet Feet and I used my rewards credit of $15 towards the cutest pair of Nike (yes, I said Nike) shorts!

After we got home, we had to clean the downstairs (it’s my month, I can explain this if you’re interested – let’s just say I have a 31 year old roommate who is NOT good at cleaning up after herself) because it is my month! Thank goodness for the Boy, he’s such a saint, he assisted and it went by so fast and was fun, cause we chatted and laughed!

Although I was supposed to be carb loading for my upcoming race, my craving for good fish tacos was too much to handle and the Boy was tired of hearing about it. So we sought out a recommendation from my Bestest! And let me tell you, they were amazing. I ordered one grilled and one Baja style – I want to go back again and again and again! I can’t wait to make this a new regular spot! Our dessert was Orange is the New Black! We only lasted with one episode before we crashed out for our busy weekend!

Café Capricho – Combo – 1 grilled fish taco & one baja style fish taco w/ double rice

The Boy’s brother invited us over for an early breakfast, so of course who could turn down eggs, bacon, and strawberry crepes? Only an idiot would! After a quick little hang out and eats, we all had to head out to various soccer related events. The Boy had a soccer tournament and his nephew had a game.

After a mandatory Starbucks run, I spent the majority of the day at the soccer field. The heat gradually became sweltering by the time we left the field around 2:30PM. I got to spend some quality time with the Boy’s family and watch some soccer. Thank goodness for the umbrella we had, otherwise I seriously might have had heat stroke (okay, I’m slightly exaggerating, but it was hot, I swear)!

Little Lexi and I

We made it home just in time to watch the US (men) vs Nigeria friendly. We watched most of it, in between some cat naps. After the game, we felt it necessary to head to the pool after a day of soccer (watching). We cooled off for awhile, then a few of the Boy’s family met us to have some pool fun. I played with his niece and nephew in the pool, until my hunger pains couldn’t take it.

The shadow ruined my #hotdog pic
We ordered some delicious pasta (carbs, duh) for me, burger for him, to-go so we could watch more OITNB! Did you know they release the whole season at once? I love you, Netflix! Race day was Sunday, so we crashed out pretty early… #oldpeopleprobs

Pete’s Restaurant & Brewhouse – Chicken Gorgonzola Bowtie

Race Day! Yeah, so this race was my second half marathon in 7 days. When I signed up for it, it seemed daunting – but as the days got closer, it seemed like just a pain in my butt (not literally)! My motivation is at an all time low already, add that on top of tired legs and you have a grumpy (but always grateful to be able to run) runner!

Up and att’em at 5:50AM wake-up call! My normal pre-race routine went as planned, I went through the motions! The Boy, being his amazing self, woke up and went with me to the start of the race and of course, snapped some awesome pre-race pics. And by awesome, I totally mean unflattering – pictures of people stretching are unnecessary! Do you wear makeup to races? The boy thinks its girly funny that I do this. My reply is, I’m too vain not too. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t apply tons, just a little concealer, blush, and mascara. A girl has to look cute at the start line, you feel me?

Pre-race smiles

The race was the race. The re-cap will go up tomorrow. Just know one word – HOT! Loved see all the ladies out there working on their fitness, I really do enjoy the Sacramento running community! Does anyone judge if it was a good race on if you get chub rub or not? Maybe that’s just me, ahahah!!

After the race, I attempted to make my way to the Boy’s soccer tourney. However, the race had other plans for me. I drove around the grid like a crazy person, almost yelling at a cop out of frustration and deliriousness from finishing the race! Since this was the inaugural race, I’m pretty sure they will work on the course not blocking so many streets (especially to major freeway entrances) next year.

Once off the grid, I knew it was probably impossible to make the game. But I went anyways, since I couldn’t even get to my house if I tried. I parked just as they finished. This tournament was planned so poorly, although they won 2 out of 3 games they were in the consolation game and would play the same team they just beat. My Bestest who lost all 3 games made it to the semi’s! Makes no damn sense. I will give the tourney managers credit for putting on their first tournament, but it was poorly planned…I hope they learned their lesson for next year! If there is a next year…

We decided to head to brunch to eat away our body aches! Brunch was amazing! Any time you start an meal with a cinnamon roll appetizer, you are winning! Our dessert was a nice little nap, before we had to get going for our evening plans of seeing WICKED!! 

It’s summer time, so I try to keep my manicures on point (gel polish), but it’s such a waste of time. I’m girly in the sense that I like to have my nails looking good, but boyish in the fact that I hate to sit there and waste time having them painted…it’s such a tedious process!

Summer time coral

To compromise for the evening, we had dinner somewhere where the Boy could watch game 2 of the NBA championship, which would be ending right as the play would be starting. Dinner was delicious and it was close enough to be less than a five minute walk. The Bestest and her Boo met up with us at the restaurant and we all walked to the show together.

I’m not a huge play go-er, they are generally too long in my book, but this one has been on my small list to see forever. Since work had access to pre-sale tickets awhile back, we took advantage of them! This show as amazing. The visuals, the singing, and the dialogue were all entertaining. There was one moment when it was slow, but other than that it was great. I do have some issues with the venue, but that’s a whole different story. It was the perfect way to end a fun weekend!  As we left the play, we kept quoting the play and singing in our awful awesome renditions of the actors!

Posing a trucks is awesome!
6/8/14 – Wicked @ Sacramento Community Center
Bestest Pic – Alpaba & Glinda

Because Glinda is hilarious I say farewell with this…

“Something’s wrong, I didn’t get my way” – Glinda


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