Rose & Thorn [6] – A Day Late

I know you are patiently waiting to know about my weekend πŸ˜‰

…I had some stomach issues (TMI) yesterday, which had me out of work and even blog commission…

A day late, but still should be noted:
Rose: Celebrating all the “Father” figures I have in my life, especially mine and the Boy!
Thorn: Not working out on Sunday!

What was your Rose & Thorn?


Friday the 13th….and a full moon! Well shenanigans had to ensue, of course! Do you have lifelong friends you’ve met through a job? I feel lucky enough to say that I do. I’ve met two of my closest friends through Nordstrom, then I finally followed them over to another job at Red Bull. We’re like 3 peas in a pod! So many good memories with these ladies and we continue to make new ones.
It had been awhile since we’d had dinner, just the gals, so we had one on the books for Friday the 13th! Our good ‘ol pal Petey still works at Red Bull and he is by far, the goofiest, silliest, and kindest dude you’ll meet! He wanted to catch up with us three, so we met him for Happy Hour before we had dinner. One drink turned into four. Such a great time reminiscing, catching up, and people watching/judging. Lucky for us, we were HH-ing at a spot that, at 10PM, becomes a club. So some of the clubbers were showing up as we were leaving, lets just say it was some epic people watching. 
The MiXX // HH Goodies
Bestest // Me // Lucha // Petey
After HH we stumbled walked every so swiftly over to dinner for a sushi dinner at Sapporo’s! Funny thing is, not one of us got sushi! HA HA!, typical! Again, we had a perfect booth for some serious people watching. Three little ladies just sitting in the restaurant, laughing way too much, and enjoying each others company. Isn’t that how every Friday the 13th should be celebrated?!?
Apps & Bevs
Bacon wrapped scallops w/ a side fried rice [not pictured]
Bestest got Pork Belly…whatever the sauce is, it was addicting!
Nordies to RB to here πŸ™‚

It’s not even fair how busy my Saturday was! Okay, I’m not complaining, but I’m just stating the fact. I would never give it up. I got to see so many of my favorite people this weekend, it has left me feeling full of love and gratefulness!!
Started off my day with a run. Yes, you read that correctly. I chose to run. I chose to lace up my Kinvara’s and head out for a 5 miler. The only reason Mr. Garmin came along was because I like to track my overall mileage. I tried my hardest not to look at my mile pace alerts. I did look at them, but I paid no attention to them. It was a nice run to start my busy day. I felt completely rushed for the rest of the day, but in the best way possible.

I headed to another what I like to call “girl maintenance” appointment. These normally include wax and instant pain! Then I had to get home to get ready for a 1st birthday party and a bridal shower. Let’s just say, that the two outfits that go according to each party should be independent. However, I did nothing of the sorts and was way over dressed for the 1 year old party. However, I was only there for an hour or so, but I got razzed about my outfit for pretty hard. Good thing I have thick skin. It was at a park in deep EG, but it was fun to see the Boy, his fam, and good friends.

Then it was off to to meet with the girls to head to another old RB co-workers bridal shower. Yup, me and the same girls from Friday night, were back at it again! Apparently they couldn’t hang from Friday night, because both of them were struggling and it was only 12:45PM on Sat! Haha! Our friend H, who was the blushing bride-to-be, is having her fancy wedding in Belize, so this was as close to celebrating with her we’d do! Tons of cute little touches to make this affair super cute! We only played one game and it was awesome. It only had 10 questions, with a him or her answers, and the tenth one was a bonus question. So simple…and I came in second place, so I got a fun little prize of a wine stopper, chocolates, and a cute candle all from World Market!

Bestest // Bride // Me // Lucha
Bridal shower goodies
Three Peas in a Pod
We are notorious for making our own photobooths
Its the small things that matter!

After we had our slight bridal shower buzz on, we finally headed home. Then it was time to change, try to watch some of the World Cup, and then head to Family Date Night. This was the first of its kind, but I don’t think it will be the last. Originally we were going to have just the adults (sans lovebugs), but because everyone was super busy it made sense to have everyone at dinner. We had a good time with friends, pizza, and the World Cup. It was a nice little pre-Father’s Day celebration for the Dad’s and the girls got to chat…and I got to spoil my Lovebugs with hugs and kisses!!

Obsessed with my new Lulu braid headband
CPK // Half a cobb salad // Garlic Chicken Pizza
The Girls at Family Dinner Night
Lovebugs and the Boy

Father’s Day! Started off the day with the Boy, celebrating this day with him. Made a quick Starbucks breakfast run and then lounged and watched the World Cup game. Then I had to head home to get ready for my own family gathering to celebrate the Father’s in our family! Since FD lands in June, we always have a BBQ! This year wasn’t any different, with the exception of the weather being fairly cool – so only a few of the kids got in the pool. Random side note, right before we said grace, my Aunt decided to push me in the pool. Cool story, huh? So random and so unexpected, everyone didn’t know what to do…especially myself, as I stood in the shallow end fully clothed with one flip flop floating away and the other on my foot in the pool!!

I’m the lucky girl that gets to call him Dad!

Silliness from the Ganeeban’s!
BBQ Style for Father’s Day

For some strange reason, I thought it was essential that everyone in my family have a Slurpee mustache straw! Seems pretty important to have in our lives. So all the cousins took orders, Poppa Bear treated, and we set out to get our stache on! Even though the weather didn’t warrant slurpees, the mustache straws definitely did!

Slurpee Staches


And of course, I have to talk about the World Cup. So many games, so little DVR space and vacation time (because it’s all going to Hawaii in a few months)! I’ve been patiently waiting for the US to play and they finally did yesterday…and they WON! Yessss! Couldn’t be happier, besides the fact that I won’t get to watch the next two US games live due to work…

Can’t wait to sport it for the next US game!!
So I’m headed to NOLA for work, so my blogging might be sporadic. So, don’t fret, I didn’t go anywhere…just going to be busy partying working in good ‘ol NOLA! Excited to hang out with a good friend from high school and also try and see new things in the city!! Also, crazy excited that I’ll get to hit up the Nola NP crew for a workout too! 
Late, but worth the wait πŸ˜‰


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