Thinking Out Loud – Back At It

Send me on a work trip and I forget how to blog…


Send me on a work trip in New Orleans…and I really forget how to blog. With beads, booze, and fried food, I was in a Big Easy haze of life.

But, I’m back at it. Back to work, back to real life, and trying to pretend I don’t have about 5 loads of laundry calling my name this weekend :/

1. Be Articulate – sometimes it is really, really hard. Mix emotions and your thoughts and sometimes you come out sounding like a raging lunatic. So, take a second or ten and collect your thoughts, put your emotions in check, and then respond. That’s what I’ve been practicing lately. I also opened up my Twitter feed to see this and thought it appropriate to share!

2. Foodgasm – This can’t be real. I already strongly dislike regular Oreo frosting, but now they collabed with Reese’s and have made it basically perfect. I think I might have saw this on another bloggers page before, but I don’t think I understood the magnitude of such a product 🙂

3. Flaking – Is that a pet peeve of anyone else? It is one of mine. 

4. Work Trips – I think the work dinners make up for the tedious work hours of (my) work trips. Standing at the trade show for hours takes a toll on your body, yes, I know…I know #FirstWorldProbs . I’m grateful for the opportunity to travel and get out of the office, but sometimes it is a tedious process.

IFT 2014 / New Orleans, LA

5. Goapele – Hey Hey Hey Boy! Do yourself a favor and learn about this lovely lady and her beautiful voice. Her single dropped this week and I love it, I can’t wait for her album to be released. She tweeted that the album is almost finished, I can’t wait 🙂

iTunes purchase

6. Detox – I feel like I need a cleanse of my innards after my 7 day stint in NOLA. I didn’t eat horrible, but I didn’t eat healthy either. I had juice (raw) twice and still took my probiotics, but I still feel bloated. Although I’m adamantly opposed to cleanses/detoxes/strictly juicing, I am okay with eating lots of greens and skipping on the fatty/fried foods. So I think that’s the plan until the ‘Get It Right, Get It Tight’ for Hawaii mode starts after the 4th of July weekend.

7. Chromecast – It was the cheapest, fastest, and freest way to get Netflix on my computer. I had an gift card that covered the cost, it arrived in a few days, and it was only $35. Hopefully it works, I need to start watching House of Cards, like now…

Thanks Amazon and BDG!

8. Mutha Freakin’ Timmy  – He just threw his 2nd No Hitter (non-baseball people, just Google it)! I can’t believe I missed the whole outing because I was flying back home. I know he’s been all over the place this season, but I’m glad he got it done for a SECOND time. 2 World Series rings. 2 Cy Young Awards, 2 No-No’s. Apparently he should change his jersey number to 2 and dump the 55!! 

Repost on IG from @MLG

Whew, that felt good…a little rusty, but good 🙂

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