5 Things Friday – I Love You Grandma!

While everyone is celebrating America, I celebrate my Grandma…

Virginia to most, comadre to more, but Grandma to me. I miss this woman fiercely. Today marks the day she has been gone for 13 years. I can vividly remember the day we said goodbye to her. I’d just recently graduated high school and even more recent, returned from my post graduation trip from Hawaii!

We said our goodbyes and she peacefully slipped away to Heaven to meet my Grandpa who was waiting with open arms for her, to dance, to hug, to smooch, and to finally be together again.

This day changed after that moment. Instead of the hoopla of BBQ’s and boozing, it is now a family day, while still try to maintain the 4th festivities. We start with Mass in honor of her, then visit her grave, then have breakfast. We take this time to reminisce and just reflect on the good that she brought into this world and all that she did for our Ganeeban clan! Then it’s on to BBQ for the afternoon and fireworks at night. But this day, will forever be dedicated to Grandma!


5 Things I Miss About My Grandma
1. Her laugh.
2. Her food.
3. Her hugs.
4. Her warm smile.
5. Her strength and unconditional love.

Happy 4th of July and hope you celebrate with tons of fireworks, family, friends….AND of course good EATS!

She was crazy, but that crazy where all you can do is love her and smile…

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