Rose & Thorn [10]

It was a Summer weekend, with not-so-Summer weather!

Rose: Finding some joy in running this weekend and slowly working out the knee issue!
Thorn: There was no sun, so our poolside tanning plans turned into a raining hot tub session :/

What was your Rose Thorn?

It was one of those weekends that goes by swiftly, but nothing was too crazy! I will say that I think I found something that sparked me to want to really start running again. After running a decent pace for my leg of the team triathlon, I had a pretty decent runner’s high. My lack of training has lead me to believe that I no longer am conditioned for running more than one mile at a decent pace. But, alas, that is not the case! Although I’m not shattering PR’s, I’m still running strong, even with an annoying knee & IT band, so I can’t complain too much!

Seriously, it’s super girly of me, but having my nails done feels great. The process does not, but when they are freshly done I feel like a rejuvenated woman. I guess it doesn’t take much to make this girly tomboy happy ๐Ÿ™‚

As per our usual traditions of competing with a team, we carb load together! So, this year and race wasn’t any different. Carbs and laughter, that’s what we’re all about. We had a great dinner and B’s little sister joined us as well. Kaelynn, that girls a hoot. She has a very interesting vlog and I think I made an appearance for that day’s post!

B – Kayaker // Me – Runner // M – Biker
Pronto // Spaghetti & Meat Balls (and the Boys bread)
Pronto // Side Cesar Salad

After dinner, we went to go celebrate a mutual friend’s birthday. I met A through soccer, but the Boy has known him for years through an old job. He had a softball game with some other friends, so we all met up at TGIF to celebrate A’s big 3-2! Since we already ate and I didn’t want to test ice cream dairy for race day, we didn’t eat anything. We sat there, with sad faces, as they enjoyed their dinners. HAHA! However, I did take it upon myself to use the QR code on the Heinz ketchup and play Trivial Pursuit with the table, which turned out to be actually really fun! Luckily the race start time was 8AM, so I didn’t have to get up too early the next day…but I didn’t want to do anything too crazy. Early to bed = smart racing ๐Ÿ™‚

Up an att’em at an average weekday wake up time, to get my pre-race shenanigans on! Race re-cap up some time this week, so I won’t inundate you with redundancy! Let’s just say we didn’t finish with our best time, but we had fun and all managed to not die due to lack of training on all three parts of the team! The Boy was every helpful as usual. I feel completely lucky to have found someone who supports my racing habits and also, even more importantly, encourages/cheers/gives rides/does anything asked when I race. He truly is a great fella! I do miss having my parents there, because they used to be the ones who would support me during all my races, but I enjoy seeing the Boy’s face at the finish (or during) my races.

We didn’t partake in any of the post-race festivities. After B finished the last leg of the tri (kayak), we literally went to the opposite side of the river to help him get his kayak up to the car. Everyone was fairly hungry, so we went straight to lunch. I was apparently, way more hungry than I thought I was, because I helped kill a huge Frisbee plate of nacho’s with the Boy!

Beach Hut Deli // Marley Nacho’s
His & Her’s Beverages
Well deserved, post race dessert

After a shower, I literally didn’t do much all day! After being tired of being lazy and cooped up in the house. I figured, it was the perfect time to get my ass up and get ready to…go pick up a dress I bought! Haha, were you expecting something really cool…I know I was ๐Ÿ˜‰ Oh Social Media, I can see a boutique post a picture of it’s new arrivals on IG, save one via a comment on IG, call ahead to pay for said dress so no one else buys it, then pick it up at my leisure! Have I told you I love Social Media? Because I really do ๐Ÿ™‚

After that, I headed to the Boy’s neck of the woods. We were going to go layout, but I got a little distracted and took a little longer than anticipated. After another round of not doing much, we decided to have dinner at BJ’s! Finally, I got the pizookie I’ve been craving for weeks! Seriously, this weekend did nothing for my Hawaii GIRGIT mode! I totally regressed, but I know I’ll get on track again. Knowing I was bad all weekend and thanks to Veggie week starting today, I don’t really have a choice…

Bj’s // Mini PB Pizookie

Okay, another day of not being able to sleep in. I had opportunity to sleep in, but I just couldn’t. One can only force themselves to sleep to an extent. I’m not sure if its because I have stuff on my mind or because my body is accustomed to waking up before 6AM, 4 out of 5 days out of the week. Whatever it is, I need to reel that shit in! I miss the days I could sleep in until 10AM (or later) and it wasn’t even an issue! Growing up is hard!

The knee seemed to be doing a little better after my run, weird right. It never hurts when I’m running, it’s more when I’m going up stairs or doing jump style workouts! Since I knew I could fit it in the schedule, I made it to the Sunday class at Midtown! I left a little early, but got a real good sweat in!

Ugh, the weather was muggy, but overcast. Not our normal summer weather! I was dripping sweat during the warm-up, this was a first. I mean, I generally get slightly sweaty during warm-ups, but I was dripping by the end of the warm-up! It was a blend of partner workout and then solo workout! It went by fast, but my knee started to hurt again! I made sure to roll it out before and after, but I think I need another does of IT therapy from the Boy’s elbow!

I tried not to be late, but didn’t succeed. I rushed home, after leaving class early, to get ready for the Boy’s niece’s 4th birthday party! Frozen themed, of course! It was a really low-key affair, with some delicious pizza! Little Lexi seemed to love the Headbands for Hope gift (and iTunes gift card) we got her, but she was more impressed with my wrap job, than anything ๐Ÿ˜‰ Since the party was slated to end at a certain time, we decided we’d hang out poolside after. Well those plans were shot, after the weather wasn’t playing fair. Instead, we decided to sweat it out in the hot tub. His friend and his wife, who leave nearby as well, joined us. No, the pregger’s did not get in the hot tub, don’t get your undies in a bunch!

Again, keeping it simple and low key. We chilled, grabbed dinner to eat at home and enjoyed a glass of wine. After a little convincing, the Boy was open to watching The League from the beginning. We got through a few episodes, but he still has a bunch to go. I freakin’ love that show. The actors/comedians are somewhat unknown, but they are hilarious. It also helps that it is centered around sports, football to be exact. I’m not the biggest football fan, but I can appreciate their love for fantasy football. I know plenty of people, men and women, who become obsessed with this “sport” during the season (or various sports seasons, for that matter)!

As I sit and reflect, since this is been my 10th Rose & Thorn post, I wonder…is this even interesting to anyone? I’m essentially recapping my weekend, with some internal play-by-play thoughts about what I did. I mean, it’s fun for me to recap it and post pictures, but who really is that interested? Also, there are other things I’d love to write, but I’m just not that brave to write about certain topics yet. Mostly relationship topics, but maybe one day I will feel completely comfortable in my place in the bloggisphere, to do so…

I’m having bikini withdraws!

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