10 Day YOU Challenge – 5 Foods

My favorite number && my favorite subject…

In case you missed My 10 Secrets , My 9 Loves , My 8 Fears , My 7 Wants , and My 6 Places  take a peek! This “challenge” comes from Kristen’s at Glitter and Dust. Oh my gosh, this is going to be SOOO hard, just 5…I can write about so many things! I love food and food loves me, we have a well connected relationship!

5 Foods

1. Bacon – Is this even a surprise? If you’ve spent any time on m blog, you will know that I use the word “bacon” as frequently as I use the word “the”. Bacon is life. Bacon should be a food group. The crunchy, salty, savory goodness that is bacon is what I can only assume Heaven is like. You might call this a slight exaggeration, but its a true love affair in my eyes. I’ve been a bacon consumer since a very young age. I think our family name is synonymous with “bacon eaters”! I love it on everything, but I also enjoy eating it by itself. I think all meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all should have bacon incorporated. If only bacon was calorie free…that is the ONLY thing that could make it more perfect.

2. Pasta – Um, I think this is the “runner” in me or I was just an Italian in another life. There is something satisfying about sitting down to a huge bowl of noodles and sauce. To be honest, it doesn’t even have to be Italian, I love anything Thai/Asian noodle related too. I love that I can use running as an excuse to consume carbs before a race and the only carb I use is pasta. I love to eat on other nights too, but its most satisfying when you can consume it in copious amounts and know you are using is fuel for a race…or that’s what I tell myself. Pasta can come in so many forms and is very versatile, so it makes it a good choice for the list. I can think of all the perfect ways to eat it: spaghetti, chicken Alfredo, pesto pasta, Gorgonzola bow tie pasta, capellini pasta..okay, time to stop. Now I want pasta for lunch!

3. Avocados -This green, buttery goddess goes good with everything. I think our love started at a young age, but it developed into an almost obsession post high school. I remember vividly eating avocado by itself during dinner, I was in awe. I’d never seen it like that before, just beautiful slices of avo (my nickname for it) on a plate as an appetizer or a complement to dinner. I loved it in things, burritos, salads, and burgers, so I figured trying it solo would be okay. It was delicious. It was buttery. It was tasty…oh and it’s healthy for you too! This green nugget of tasty goodness is one of my most favorite things to eat in meals!

4. Peanut Butter – I put PB on my PB. The Boy mocks my consumption, saying “have some toast with that PB.” I love eating it out of a jar with a spoon, no snack really compares. The creamy goodness that it is, chunky stuff need not apply, melts my heart. I love PB candy and cookies too, my PB love extends to all things PB. Especially a PB Pizookie from BJ’s, swoon! I’ve even tried it on a burger, I only took two bites (AND they were good), but I’m not sure I could eat the whole thing. Also, I can’t do the hippy dippy PB, where the oil separates and you have to mix it. I love me some Reduced Fat Skippy! I buy the jars on the reg!

5. Almonds – I love anything that crunches (especially chips, that would so be #6 if there was one). Almonds are a perfect snack by themselves or compliment most other things. I love to add them to my yogurt, top my ice cream (and by top, I mean completely cover it so I can’t see any ice cream), or eat ones that have been flavored and/or roasted. Okay, this one might be bias because I might work with them on a daily basis, but I loved them before I was employed by them. I’m just lucky enough to work with a product that I actually, truly love and would consume regardless if they are free or not. The health benefits, which probably coincide with Avos, are awesome…everyone knows them as “healthy fats”!

Just 5. I’m so bummed I can’t write more. I want to write about chips, pizza, and apples. I am defintely having an internal debate about which five I should keep on the list. I’m such a hot mess of healthy and unhealthy food choices, but that’s ME! Take it or leave it!

Food…it makes me complete…

{Before anyone get’s their undies in a bunch, I just Goggled Images each word and borrowed a pretty picture}


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