5 Things Friday – Just 5, Promise

5 and I’m done, son!

Okay, I’m keeping it real simple with five things ANNNND that’s IT!

5 Things That are Making Me Smile This week!

1. Annual Girls Hiking Trip – will commence this weekend. We’re making it just an overnight trip this year and had to change locations last minute. Ain’t nobody got time to deal with Tough Mudder traffic and shenanigans in (Lake) Tahoe, when they are on a relaxing girls weekend of hiking and doing whatever pleases our happy souls!

2. As Is – as in Ikea. When you’ve been pining over a headboard for a year or so and was just being cheap and didn’t buy it. And recently it comes up again and you deny a free one because you have your heart set on that specific one…AND you make a trip to Ikea for work and find it there. In your bed frame size. Hardly scuffed, because it was a floor model. It’s about 60% of the original cost. Score! It’s like someone above was watching out for me, thanks!

As Is for the WIN!

3. Double Dating – with a couple who we’re friends with and play soccer with. We had dinner at one of the couples and my fave, low-key, under-the-radar Japanese/Korean spot in town. After that we went to see the new TMNT movie, but since I messed up, it forced us to watch it in 3D. I am adamantly opposed to 3D, but because I messed up the times, I took one for the team and watched it. About every 10 minutes, or so,  I had to take the glasses off and let my eyes adjust a bit! It was the perfect way to end our Hump Day! I feel like we need to double date more often…

4. Chat Books – I’ve been trying half assly to find a way to make a picture book out of my IG pics from my first marathon and the training process. I tried a few options, but none seemed to fit right. Then I saw an IG follower post one that they made and it was PERFECT. After a few trial and errors, I made my book and it cost less than $12! I hope the quality isn’t too bad. It’s not like anyone will read it, but no one likes to spend money on cheap stuff! 

5. Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches – It might just be Sacramento, but this is the local foodie crazy. And of course, since I’m a self prescribed foodie, I needed to go and try them. There are two spots in town that are really pushing them. I went to one on Tuesday night, The Parlor Ice Cream and waited in about a 20-30 minute line. It was good, despite the fact that they were out of most of their traditional (in a very loose sense of the word, because their flavor combos are very non-traditional) items. It was good, but we tried the other spot last night, Baker’s Donuts. But as we expected, they were basically sold out. They had two types left so we got one out of sheer pity and decided to go to the other, super popular dessert spot down the street. We did try the choco glazed w/ strawberry cheesecake ice cream. It was okay, we’re going to go back and get ones that we really want to try. Although we were set on the newest craze, we were totally okay with Vampire Penguin. I tried the Twix and the Boy tried the Strawberry Cheesecake. So good, they didn’t stand a chance. Dessert for dinner, twice in one week! Eeek!

Always remember to appreciate the things that bring a smile to your face…big OR small!

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