Five Things Friday – Short && Sweet

Just like a Friday workday should be!

So, I’ve been making you jealous pumping you up with all my talk of Hawaii, but the time has (almost) come! I’m working a half day today and then I’m O-U-T-T-A H-E-R-E!

My Home for 7 Days

5 Things I’m Doing Before We Leave for Hawaii:
1. SF Giants game with the Boy and a little time enjoying the City.
2. Friends family BBQ for Labor Day.
3. Mom’s pre-60th-Birthday Dinner with the immediate family.
4. Mom’s 60th Birthday Party with all of our loved ones, blood and by choice.
5. Labor Day BBQ with the family.

5 Ways I Plan to Stay Active In Hawaii:
1. Working out at the 24 hour near the hotel or the hotel gym.
2. Running my way around the city and the ocean.
3. Hiking Diamond Head.
4. Finding a beautiful hike with waterfalls.
5. Finding a yoga studio and taking a class!


5 Adventures I Plan on Doing In Hawaii:
1. Shopping, this is always and adventure.
2. Finding new, local hole in the walls to eat at.
3. Swimming with dolphins.
4. Letting sharks swim around me while I’m in a metal cage.
5. SUP-ing in the ocean.

I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll do, but you better believe you’ll get hit with it all when I return!

808 dreamin’ is turning into 808 livin’ soon!!


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