Rose & Thorn [15]

Not every weekend turns out how you hoped…

Rose: Friday night seeing all of my faves and Saturday girls brunch…
Thorn: Learning to forgive when you’re hurt…

I literally don’t have the energy – emotional or physical – to give this post what it deserves. Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your daily commitment to my randomness, more than you’ll ever know.

I just had a tough weekend. There aren’t too many pictures and there aren’t too many words I have left…

I literally tried to start writing this and I’m just not into it. So I’m sticking with pictures from the weekend. xoxo

Scot’s on the River // Cesar Salad
Scot’s on the River // Capellini
Scot’s on the River // Peanut Butter Burst Gelato
Osaka Ya // Watermelon Shaved Ice
Found some cool art…
My fave out of the four…
K-Bar // Red Bull Blueberry Stoli
Stoli Bus – Partook in a challenge
My winnings from my challenge!
Pizza Rock // Red Bull Blueberry Three Olives
Pizza Rock // Garlic Green Beans
Pizza Rock // Cesar Salad
Pizza Rock // Margarita Pizza
Meet my Red Bull fam bam!
Hanging out with the Boys before G moves to Dallas 🙁
Beir Garden Art
Golden Bear // Blueberry Stoli Sprite
Cafeteria 15 L // Annual Girls Summer Brunch
Cafeteria 15 L // Girls and my Farm Skillet
Salon Chevux w/ Mason and a coke bottle!
Mani/Pedi, Hawaii ready!

Old Soul at Weatherstone // Soy Mocha
Old Soul at Weatherstone //Breakfast Sandwich
I keep seeing this stupid logo all over town, I’m getting pissed!
A little scenic shot from our photo shoot!
CPK // Raspberry Lemonade Slushie
CPK // California Club minus the mayo
Just because…this spoke to my heart!

It wasn’t my favorite weekend by far, but we live and we learn…

What was your Rose Thorn?


    • S Ganeeban

      Hi! I know, I fell in love with this idea when one of my best friend's had me do it with her and her kids before then went to bed one night. Such a great idea 🙂 Just think of your impending move as an adventure, so many cool new things to experience wherever the hubs job takes you! Easier said than done, but I'm sending you all good vibes from California 🙂 xoxo, ganeeban

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