WIAW – Fail

Yup, I failed you WIAW-ers…
Peas and Crayons
Thanks, Jenn!

…I should have waited to post my yummy weekend food pics for today, but I jumped the gun and posted them on my weekly Rose & Thorn post on Monday. So therefore, I don’t have much goodness to share today. Well, I have Monday night’s HH and last nights dinner with my “other” family. By other, I mean the bestest’s family. They are my family now, so I just call them my “other” family!
Family date nights are high in calories, but calories well spent!

So here are my dinners for the last two evenings, but don’t fret!! The next two WIAW posts will be great, because they will be my eats from…wait for it….HAWAII!!

Monday – Happy Hour at Kru w/ the homies!

Soju Sangria
Chicken Karaage (worst plated dish ever)
Hand Roll –  Shrimp Tempura
Red Lotus Roll
Most expensive HH I’ve had, Total = $90

Tuesday – Dinner at Jack’s Urban Eats and dessert at The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs (I didn’t eat one, because I knew better)!

Kids Chicken Strips Order
Side of broccoli and cheese
Free tri-tip sando, I ate half and shared the other half! Love getting two free sandos on accident 😉

Redemption will come in the form of food porn from the islands, get excited!!

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