WIAW – My Stint as a Faux Food Stylist

When your job doesn’t suck…
Peas and Crayons
Thanks, Jenn!

…you get to do cool stuff, like shop for carbs, eat carbs, play with carbs, food style carbs, watch a photographer take pictures of carbs, and get messy with carbs. Or almonds, but all you runners readers love carbs so that sounded more fun! HAHA, its a good thing that almonds generally go on or in carbs, so its a win-win for me, just not my waist line.

I had to do some really hard work prior to the shoot. Such as visit a very popular bakery in town and test run some products, work with the owner of said bakery as well, visit a local Turkish restaurant (for the first time ever), shop on Amazon, and stop at IKEA to peep their goods. I mean really, what a rough job, right? HAHA, okay, I’ll stop being a brat.

But, for real, these are some work perks that I get to do every once in awhile. Trust me, this isn’t a “normal” occurrence in my everyday work life. So when it happens, I want to celebrate it and share it with you.

So I thought I’d show you some real behind the scene shots I snapped while at the photo shoot. I probably did consume bits and pieces of what was photographed, minus those weird candies…they looked gross!

Since I had to stop at Boudin, I deserved some Breakfast

Boudin // Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin
Boudin // Croissant
Temple  Coffee // Friday’s are for local coffee shop Mocha’s!

Then I made my way to the cute little studio. Where the real fun began. Oh yeah, and another photo’s dog was there and I think he ate too many snacks that fell on the floor. Because next thing we knew, he was making these retched sounds and spewed all over the office…twice…SICK! [I just had to include that little story!]

First shot of the day.
Pretending to know what I’m doing. Check out those tools!
Almonds on carbs, plated 🙂
Designer && Photog.
Behind the scenes magic.
Floating cake.
Insta-pics to check quality, resolution, and shot.
Amateur prop table.
Food table, after we’d already started…
Photog at work.
Another picture of a person taking a picture.
Image check.
Anything to get the shot!
The last shot!
Random, behind the scenes.
My Friday!

Okay, so now that I’m looking back on it, maybe you had to be there to enjoy this. Or maybe you have to be a faux photog junkie to appreciate this. Or maybe I was just on a carb-high and thought it was the most interesting thing in the world. Anywho, when you don’t spend the money on an actual food stylist and you get to do some of it, it’s fun. Playing Manipulating food to make it look perfect is an art form, where do food stylists go to school?

It was amateur hour for me, but playing with food is the next best thing to EATing it!


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