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Treat Yo Self!

Olives ‘n’ Wine

I don’t generally need a reason to treat myself, but I thought it would be fun to do this link up from Becky at Olives ‘n’ Wine. I’ve been following her for awhile, but this is the first time I’m going to sit here and brag about what I’ve bought myself lately.

So, normally I don’t buy myself too much! Psh, such a lie. I thought I’d try it out though. I don’t have kids or pets, so I pretty much get to spend my money on ME! I also, at times, get to spoil those I love and enjoy that just as much, if not more. But since I was just on vacation, I did some spoiling of ME..and when I got home too! 

Spiritual Gangster // I’ve been following this IG for awhile and finally decided to “treat myself” to one of their tanks! Soo excited for this to arrive. There are about three that I want, but I settled on this one… 


Super Feet // Marathon training is going to start soon and I splurged on a new pair of Kinvara 5’s in Watermelon (self prescribed color name). I needed new inserts to accompany these. I bought them on Amazon, thanks to my work’s healthy living program. I earn points where I can exchange for Amazon gift cards.Pretty sweet set-up, until you get tax on them and you see it deducted from your paycheck. Nothing glamorous, but a treat for my feet!


Cards of Humanity // Treating myself to the extensions that I don’t have, which were 1, 4, and the newly released 5. I didn’t buy the “holiday” extension, but I’m not really that thrilled about it. I’m excited because it means another game night in the near future.

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Camo Lulus // When I was in Hawaii, I had to stop at Lulu. I was hoping they had some island specific items, but they didn’t. But I did find a gem there. They are currently sold out on-line, but I didn’t even know they were being sold. I’m laggin’ in my lulu game apparently. 


TJ’s Cinnamon Apple Snack Sticks //  Thanks to a FB post by a friend I saw these bad boys. I love anything crunchy and anything apple, so this was something I wanted to splurge on. As in splurge, I am speaking in regards to trying to reign in my weight after Hawaii. I’m trying to cut back on processed foods and sweets, but these little nuggets had to be tried. You can eat 38 of them (yes you read that correctly) for a whole whoppin’ 140 calories.

Additional Day at Midtown // Since November Project was disbanded for Sacramento, I decided I’d try adding another day at Midtown. The difference is, on Wednesday’s they concentrate on strength, not so much conditioning. I’m excited to add it into my workout mix for a month or two, as I also start to ramp up training for my second marathon. Getting up at 5:30AM never gets easier, so 3 days in a row seems daunting. I know it will be good for me and that I should feel blessed I can do this, so I will. I will do it with a smile and know it’s good for me, mentally and physically!

So, I don’t know about you, but I actually just feel like I’m bragging. I mean, I know I’m supposed to treat myself, but now I just feel like I’m throwing it in your face. I hope you enjoyed seeing how I treat myself…from the littlest things to the “hey are you crazy for spending that much on workout clothes” things that make this girl happy!

I treat myself every day that ends in “Y”!!

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