WIAW – Hawaiian Eats

Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.

Peas and Crayons
Just warning you, you are about to experience some serious food porn from Hawaii. Okay, that might be a little extreme, but we ate our way around the island AND then some.

Yes, I attempted to document everything I ate when I was in Hawaii. Well, almost everything! So here it goes. We left on a Tuesday and came home on a Tuesday. I decided in order to keep you enthralled, or rather not kill you with the longest post ever, I would not post all 7 days worth of eats at once.

Disclaimer: If you follow me on IG, then you’ve seen most, if not all, of these pics in some form or another…

9/2/14 – Tuesday

Meal from Hawaiian Airlines

Snack from Hawaiian Airlines
Sad to admit, my first meal in Hawaii was McD’s // Big Kid’s Double Cheeseburger meal
1st Dinner on the Island // Family Style // Side Street In (On Da Strip)
Side Street In (On Da Strip) // Orange Whip
Side Street In (On Da Strip) // Side Style Fried Rice
Side Street In (On Da Strip) // Bone-In Kalbi
Side Street In (On Da Strip) // ‘Da Spicy Chicken
Side Street In (On Da Strip) // Pan-Fried Island Pork Chops

9/3/14 – Wednesday

Breakfast at Leonard’s
Leonard’s // Malasada’s // Original, Haupia, & Custard
Hula Bowl Swap Meet // Fresh Coconut Juice
Hula Bowl Swap Meet // Ohi’a ‘ai – Hawaiian Mountain Apples

Coffee Gallery // North Shore
Jameson’s By The Sea // Lava Flow
Jameson’s By The Sea // Crab & Shrimp Melt
Jameson’s By The Sea // Taro Sweet Rolls
Red Vines at Sunset Beach // North Shore
Hale’iwa Joe’s Seafood Grill // Tropical Mojito
Hale’iwa Joe’s Seafood Grill // Pirate Pina Colada

Hale’iwa Joe’s Seafood Grill // Roasted Beet Salad
Hale’iwa Joe’s Seafood Grill // Wedge Salad
Hale’iwa Joe’s Seafood Grill // [Whole] Rack of Sticky Ribs
Hale’iwa Joe’s Seafood Grill // Whole Fish

9/4/14 – Thursday

Island Vintage Coffee // Coconut Kona Mocha
Island Vintage Coffee // Acai Bowl sans Bananas
Island Vintage Coffee // Bacon & Egg Bagel

Post hike snack // Lanikai Juice // Hula Bowl sans bananas & Zen Tonic
Pacific Beach Hotel Pop-Up Snacks // Mini Shrimp Plate

Vino at Waikiki Beach
The Oceanarium Restaurant // Lilikoi Lemonade
The Oceanarium Restaurant // Famous Smoking Pineapple Mai Tai
The Oceanarium Restaurant // Alaskan King Crab Buffet // 1 of about 3 plates
Haagen-Daz // One scoop of Carmel Cone in a Waffle Cone

I think I just gained another five pounds just by writing this post. I will say, I don’t think there wasn’t one moment on that island that I was actually hungry. I’m glad that we tried a bunch of new places this trip, but also went to a few of our faves…

Get excited for next week’s post…it might just get a little better 😉

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