Wild Card or B U S T!!


Source // SF Giants Email Blast

My initial reaction…underwhelming

We all love dramatics! We want a win on the field to clinch a spot. We want the team running out of the dugout, like a wild back of crazy banshees. Nope, not gonna happen this year. I got an update on my iPhone and then an email blast from the SF Giants.

The Milwaukee Brewers lost to the Cincinnati Reds today, thus giving us the ability to clinch a 2014 Wild Card spot. We still have four games left against, the Padres. I have a feeling these will be underwhelming (again), because they will be resting the boys for the Wild Card game. This is just my prediction. Although, they can’t rest them for four days straight, they will all get some playing time…but it won’t be the regular squad all at once. Just my little guess!

Every other year…Every. Other. Year.

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