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Race Recap: Run for a Safe Haven 2014

Not every race is a race.

Something that, somewhere in the depths of my running sole, I get this, but my mind never truly understands. But this year, this race, I accepted it. I didn’t try to kill myself on this 5k, I ran it to run it and that was good enough for me!

That being said, unless I am out of town or sick, I will run this race every year. My Sister’s House is an organization that I wholeheartedly support. The only real difference I saw from this year versus last years race was the amount of participants. For some reason, this year the numbers looked much smaller and there were much more walkers this year.

We should start with the basics, packet pick-up. They only offer it one for one day at our local Sports Authority. I will never forget this packet pick-up, because there was a gunman on the lose around this area and there were hundreds of cops, CHP, Sheriff’s, and various other law enforcement out and about. Luckily, when I went to grab the packets at lunch the a-hole was out of the area, even better news, he was caught by around 4PMish on Friday.

Unisex race shirt.
Gear Grid // Lulu Capri’s, Nike Shirt, C9 Target Sports Bra, Saucony Kinvara 5, Balega International Socks, & Garmin

Another little point of differences, is that this race happens on a Saturday. It also starts a little later than most races, with a gun time of 9AM. They only offer the 5k distance and a kids half mile race, which they do way before the 5k distance. This races starts and ends at William Land Park, which is where a majority of the smaller Sacramento races happen. You stay within the limits of the park and you essentially run around the park, which lines residential houses, to the the zoo and back. During this route, you also are running within the golf course, not on the actual course, but through the streets that separate the greens.

Course Map

The organization does well to gather local celebrities and use them as team captains to raise money and participate. They have a small little speech at the beginning of the race and then you’re off! The do offer timed and untimed for this race, but I don’t think the registration price is much different. They also ask that you dress up, probably because it’s always so close to Halloween. It doesn’t really fit the theme, but they ask every year, so people do!

9AM race time, means a little sleeping in…when compared to other races. I was up and att’em around 7:30AM. I made my regular breakfast and did my pre-run/race routine, got dressed (slight wardrobe change, went with leggings instead of capris because of the weather) and we headed out the door. Per the usu, we didn’t have much time to spare after we parked and walk/jogged to the start line. Just enough time to take in all the sights and silly costumes that the runners were sporting.

His & Her Breakfast, we didn’t need much since it was a 5K
Pre-race USie at the car.


Typical stem shot!

The entire time J and I had a good pace. There were times that he seemed to be pushing it, so I’d ask him if he wanted to push it or keep it steady. Every time, he’d say keep it steady, so we’d ease back again. This happened about three times during 3.1 miles. He’s like me, he just wants to run hard. It was such a nice feeling to feel strong during the run and not feel gassed by mile 3. We actually kicked it up a notch when we hit the 3-mile mark and finished really strong. None of that coupley hand holding when we finish! But he was lame and tried to let me finish first, because of another race where he sprinted and left me in the dust – he still gets shit for that!

Raindrops and all…
Race Splits
Mile 1: 9:19
Mile 2: 9:27
Mile 3: 9:16
Mile 4: 8:54
Average Pace/Mile: 9:19

Official Time: 29:01

It was really starting to rain harder than a drizzle, so we visited with a running friend and her husband for a little bit. Then we ventured to the post-party tents to grab some free goodies. I went straight to the KIND tent and grabbed one of their newish granola bars – they are my fave! By this point it was almost pouring on us, so we grabbed a few goodies and got out of there. We actually decided to jog back to the car, it was getting that cold and rainy.

Post-race, pretty soaked!

Perfect first rainy run of the season…


  • Kristen

    You and your man honestly make such a cute couple! That is really cool that he likes running with you and that you guys can race together. My husband is more of a spectator. It sounds like you had a great time, regardless of the weather and rain, and that you raced for a great cause!

    • S Ganeeban

      Aww, thanks Kristen, I appreciate that! I am so grateful that he enjoys running, but also pushes me too do better. I also enjoy when he cheers me on at some of my races – it's the best of both worlds! xoxo, ganeeban

  • Fairy Princess Jord

    I am the exact opposite when it comes to races…I never run hard! Running on my own I am ultra competitive with myself…I am always sprinting my last mile on the treadmill or to the car after a trail run. When I race for whatever reason I just really relax and enjoy running with whoever I'm with. Maybe it's because I never run races with anyone who is as into pushing themselves with running as I am? I love all your cute pictures, you're the most adorable little runner (:

    • S Ganeeban

      Thanks lady! I'm a mixture of both, competitive against myself and the field, normally. But I've been evolving as a runner and trying to change my mindset, so I'm not dying at all my races! I wish I was more relaxed like you, I'm working towards that! xoxo, ganeeban

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