Rose & Thorn [24]

A day late, my bad…
My body is exhausted, but my heart is happy!

Rose: Spending our first night in our new home! 
Thorn: Exhaustion from all things moving…

Let me just tell you moving right next door, is STILL moving! We had so much help, but I’m exhausted from everything and our house is still in a disarray.

I have always wanted glasses! I’m that weird kid that loved to pretend to wear glasses and made a retainer out of foil. Wait…you didn’t do that? Okay, so I might have been a little creative as a kid 😉 I left work a little early to head to the Optometrist. Typical eye appointment without the eye dilation. The long distance reading is getting a little tough, but all in all still considered “good eyes” by the Doc!

I did learn that I am an “incomplete blinker”. To all of you that ask why I look I just smoked a bowl or say that I look “so tired”. Well now I have the reason. I don’t fully blink, like most people. Due to my lazy blink (self prescribed name), my eyes are dried out and turn red because they aren’t receiving moisture like a regular blinker. This is probably way too much info for you, but I’m so excited to finally know why I always have red eyes. I’m getting an over the counter medicine to use at night that should also help! Yes, best $10 doctor visit I’ve ever had!!

After my appointment I ran home to get ready. J and L met at my casa and then we went to West Sac for a spaghetti fundraiser. The fundraiser was for a friend’s family who is going through a tough time, so we had a table of 20 of us there to support her and her family. It was such a great experience to see the community come together to help this family. They had way more people than expected, the turnout was unreal! For $20 you received a plate of spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread. They also had lemonade for everyone to enjoy. A local high school’s soccer team were the servers, all dressed for the occassion. They also had adult beverages for sale and a huge silent auction going on! The local Knights of Columbus donated all of the food for the fundraiser, in addition to plenty of other huge donations from local businesses.

2 of my fave handsomes!

We scooted out in the middle of the live raffle action, said our goodbyes and snuck out. We dropped L off and then headed home, know the next two days were going to be insane…MOVING TIME!

Moving Day…but first a 4 mile run, then mass to remember my Grandpa. This day marked 22 years since he left us. I’m not sure if many others have this tradition, but my Filipino side of the family celebrates the death anniversary and the birthday of a loved one who has gone, by going to Mass on that date. We also stop by the cemetery to pay our respects, then we usually go out to breakfast afterwards. It’s always a nice time with the family and also a great time to reflect on memories. However, for some reason this year it was just the Parentals, J, and I.

After Mass, we had to get ready for the move. But not without stopping by Starbucks for some liquid crack. Then we went to borrow his Mom’s truck for the day. Once that was done, I went to get bagels to bribe those were helping us for the day.

I’m going to take a second to sit here and brag about how awesome my family and friends are. Both of us didn’t have anything packed, but everyone was so helpful and did so much for us during our move. Not only were they sweating balls moving our junk, they even cleaned the bathrooms in the new house, they went well above and beyond. Thanks to the Parentals who brought over a treat, bought us cleaning supplies, household goods, and the pizza to feed our worker bee’s! Shell and Randy even drove in to help out and left right after to go meet friends for dinner. Seriously, grateful and thankful don’t come close to how we both feel about everyone’s help!

I made a quick Costco run to get one of our fave housewarming gifts. J’s Mom bought us the brand new Keurig and I couldn’t wait to get it! L got J a coffee press for his birthday, but nothing beats the convenience and quickness of a Keurig. After the essentials, wine, a Keurig, and some ground turkey…I dropped the Wench off at home. J dropped his Mom’s truck off to her and I swooped him up.

From there we headed back to the house and unpacked, until we thought we’d fall asleep standing up. However, we did take a dinner break and got Thai food for dinner. We were exhausted, but so excited to be finally living together!

Thai Canteen // Pineapple Fried Rice w/ Chicken && Pad See Ew

As per the usu, J was up super early to watch his beloved Spurs play. I slept through most of the game, but watched some of the end. I had planned on getting up to get 6 miles in, but my exhaustion got the best of me. I stayed in bed until it was time to have some breakfast and then head to his soccer game. We had hoped to stop by a store to look at furniture, but we didn’t have enough time so we stopped at Starbucks instead.

After J’s game, they won by the way, we headed to Roseville to get a bunch of errands done. We tried to go to RC Wiley, but they are Mormon and don’t work on Sundays. Fail! Then we stopped by American Furniture Galleries, but didn’t find anything that we liked. By this point we were HANGRY, so we drove to the mall to eat there.

After taking in all the food court options, we chose the Gyro spot. $25 for two gyro meals seems ridiculous, but when you are hangry, you don’t really care. As we were enjoying our overpriced gyros, we saw the mall security followed by police officers. As we watched sets of officers file in after each other, we finally pieced it together. A gentleman had his archery stuff with him while he was trying to eat and was escorted out. That’s the extent of what we know. We saw one of the officers holding his arrows, from what we are guessing, but nothing looked forced. So random!

After that we did some mall errands. Bath & Body Works for candles. H&M for clothes, yes! And then, we went to Crate and Barrel. I’ve always wanted dishes from there, so I splurged on them. The first set of dishes I’ve ever purchased. Haha, 31 seems a little late, but my roommates have always had them, so there was never a need.

After that we headed across the street to more stores. Old Navy, they always trick you. Their signs say “up to 50% off“, but they make the “up to” so small you don’t see it! Oh well! Then as we were driving to our next errand, we saw there was a Macy’s furniture store, we thought we’d give it a whirl. We ended up finding something we liked, but like rooks we forgot to measure the space where our couches will be. So we took the details down and told them we would call back if they would fit. After that we had one more stop and then we finally were heading home…6 hours later!

Back at home, our first choice wouldn’t fit in the space we have. Our second choice can’t be delivered until mid December. Back to the drawing board, we will try a couple of other places, but we will have Macy’s as backup if necessary. We are still on the hunt for a dining room table too.

Again, completely exhausted, we set the goal of working our our closets and clothing. Does anyone else have a wave of guilt wash over them when they are purging clothes? Well, I do. The rational part of my brain knows that I haven’t worn it in over a year, but the irrational part of my brain thinks “what if I do want to wear it and its gone?” Makes no sense, I realize this. I purged a bunch about a year ago, but this move made me really reevaluate my clothing situation. So, as my donations pile grew, so did my awareness of my mini-hoarding habit. I’m proud to comfortably say, we’re about 80% done with our closest and clothing situation. After tonight, we should be pretty close to done. Then it’s all about figuring out the downstairs, with no actual furniture…

My organization freak is enjoying this move way too much 😉

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