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Musings: Someone Help…

I need advice…

…among other things in life, obviously! Pretty please…

Here is the situation. I am running my 2nd marathon…EVER…on March 1st in Napa, California. I signed up for this months ago and have a training schedule in place.


However, about a month ago, I learned I was selected to be an ambassador for the SLO Marathon. Luckily, it also has a 5k and a half marathon distance too. I’m not required or forced to run any distance, so here is where my issue lies.

To this point, I’ve ran one full marathon. After March 2nd, I’ll have ran my 2nd marathon (ever). Both of which have been with over a year time span in between. Then, about two months after Napa, I need to decided if I want to run the Half or the Marathon in SLO.

I’ve had a few conversations regarding this. I think I’ll still be pretty conditioned to do a full after, but I’m super hesitant because I will have only ran 2 marathons with a lot of time in between.

Here are some options that I’ve come up with…but your sage advice is more than welcomed at this point:

  • Run the half marathon and run it hard.
  • Run the half marathon for fun.
  • Run the full for fun – don’t pay attention to time, just go by feeling (yeah right, this never happens).
  • Run the full in a new way – run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute (I most likely will get annoyed with walking all the time).
  • Run the full.

Those are pretty much my options at this point. I run for fun, so I don’t have a coach to guide me. So, this is where I look to you, my lovely readers and friends. Any advice or previous experience with this type of situation is greatly appreciated!

As of right now, I am signed up for the half distance, but I am able to up it to the full. If you can’t tell, its kinda stressing me out. I like to commit to something and then train. But I’m so focused on Napa at the moment, SLO is throwing me for a curve. But in reality, I need to prepare for them both simultaneously, if I plan to run the full in SLO! Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Just in case this inspires you to sign up, use my code for $10 off:

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I’m guess it will be a game time decision, instead of a smart decision…


  • KS Petty

    I had a similarish issue when I thought I would be healthy for B2B. I settled on training for the first, and here's why. Boston, like Napa, lends itself to a nice, fast time. It will allow you to approach the second as a sort-of victory lap. Like my run in Big Sur, your trip back to your undergrad stomping grounds as a newly minted runner will make the experience about more than a race or a goal or a PR. Unlike my second race (much tougher course), however, you are able to hold SLO in your back pocket in case the Fates or some fluke of nature intervene in Napa.

    I say go full. Assuming all goes well, SLO will be a fun romp through nostalgia. It won't hurt as bad as a "race," but the exercise alone will help you enjoy all the imbibing, tomfoolery, and shenanigans offered in the post-marathon fun we (not-so-secretly) seek.

    Oh, and two long runs–with all that training–will set you up nicely for some summer fun on the trails.

  • Paulette

    For me, those would be too close together for two marathons. But everyone is different I know. 🙂 I was considering the full for SLO, but I decided I ultimately want to pursue a half PR and I'm signed up for SF Marathon in July so again, too close together for me. I think you'll be ok no matter what if you are open to having fun and not worried about times.

  • Kristen

    I am currently preparing for my second marathon in a two month period and haven't had any problems. I think it is totally do-able, as you will have a two week rest after your first marathon and then enter into another build cycle before tapering for your second marathon. Plus, it is an additional challenge that might be fun. I say sign up for the full and if you struggle while training or have any uncertainties/difficulties along the way, you can always drop down to the half! You never know how you will feel after your first marathon. I as totally pumped and ready to do another, but others experience the opposite reaction. Go with your gut on this one.

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