Thinking Out Loud – S E V E N Days…

A week until Christmas…


Whaaat? Still not done Christmas shopping and still don’t have any idea what to get for the rest that I need. Awesome. Cool story, Bro!

On to my random thoughts…

Ice Skating // Okay, I officially retire my incessant need to ice skate every winter. After last night, I remembered very vividly whey it’s not the best idea. The outdoor rink that pops up every year is magical. Well, until you actually go to skate. I think, from here on out, I’ll just pop on over to take a look and remind myself to be satisfied with that! We originally went on Sunday, but they were sold out of skates. That’s something? I didn’t even think that was possible. Last night we tried again, successfully, kinda. It costs $10/person, rental included. Except the rentals are the grossest thing ever, worse than smelly shin guards or goalie gloves after a soccer game. They were wet because the staff douses them with cleaner, but still smelled horrible. Once those grimey things were laced up, we got on the rink. Not even after 2 minutes were my wimpy feet aching already. We skated for about 20 minutes and that’s being very generous! J is such a trooper and indulges my every random antic, bless his heart. I think he likes me 😉 I’m glad we were able to do this together, but we both decided we’d rather just to go a regular rink and enjoy it a little more. So, although I seem like a bitter Betty, I’m really not. I got to spend an evening date night with my Boo!

Cookie Decorating // I love that shit! I don’t do it often enough during the holidays, but it’s so fun. I literally decorated one in less than 30 seconds yesterday and i was smiling from ear to ear. I love watching the kidlets do it, even though they make a mess, it’s so fun to see them get creative. It’s even better when the cookies taste good too!

Santa’s Workshop // Like last year, my company invited our local, neighborhood school to come for a fun winter event. Again, I was on the craft team and we made the cutest little bells out of cups, pipe cleaners, and string (bell of course too)! There were 60 kids who were spoiled by BDG and it was a great hour and a half spent volunteering. I feel blessed to work for a company to takes the time and money to give to our local neighborhood! I couldn’t stay for the wrapping presents and pizza party, damn working lunch meeting, but I did get to wrap about 10 presents. Can’t wait to see all the pics from the event, the kidlets were way too adorable!

Gratis // So I’ve officially been working here for 2 years. In that time I guess I’ve spent some money with some vendors. It’s also seems like the threshold where you start to receive holiday presents, not just cards anymore, from vendors. Its a nice little nugget surprise to get them on your desk, especially since they were unexpected. Not that I expect to get spoiled from vendors, but you know what I mean…


Hostage // Do you ever get suck in a text message group and can’t get out! My girlfriends and I call it “hostage”. Someone posted this pic and I died laughing, because I though we were the only ones that called it that. Apparently the new iPhone’s let you mute the convo, but I haven’t had to do it yet. I like chatting with the girls…

Lemons // This is so damn true! And made me laugh a little 😉

Navigating the Holidays // So far the holiday festivities have been very minimal.Or at least it seems that way. I don’t feel like I’m so rushed or busy, I can’t enjoy myself. Girls Night Christmas edition went by smoothly and I was able to enjoy every minute of it. CIM weekend flew by without a hitch. Christmas decorations and tree went up without too much stress, it all just seems to be falling into place. Our Christmas eve and day will be pretty hectic, but I’m excited to experience it all with J and L for our first Christmas together (pardon the cheese)!

Just s-e-v-e-n days…eeek!


  • Kristen

    I love love love the quote about lemons and lulu. That is so perfect. I know what you mean about getting stuck in a group text and feeling obligated to either stay in the know or help continue the conversation. My husband hates when it happens because my attention gets diverted throughout the day and my phone beeps uncontrollably.

    Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend and first Christmas with your man! ☺ We are doing a pretty low key Christmas week, which will be very nice. Lots of movies, football, skiing, and relaxing in our future.

  • Kay @ Kay Bueno

    Oh my god. I need to show my mom that lulu/lemons quote. Because she will literally die.

    So much holiday stuff ahead. My biggest problem is finishing things. I'll have all the presents, or ingredients for cookies. But then wrapping them, or baking the baked goods just seems like soooo much work.

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