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Rose &Thorn [31]

Well, HELLO 2015!

Rose: Our first New Years Eve.
Thorn: Still coughing and NOT running.Like my last Rose & Thorn post, I’ll just keep it to the highlights, because it was a long weekend. And by a long weekend, I mean mid-Wednesday to Sunday. So, instead of boring you to death, we’ll make it a pic blog post with some random words 😉

This AM felt like I had to report back to school, except it was for work. So back to the grind with no days off in sight!

New Year’s Eve – Spent with just the two of us. It started with a trip to Target (to use all my FSA, real romantic), skipped our plan to see a movie, dinner at CPK (yes), and then home to hang out until it hit midnight. I did love seeing everyone celebrating on social media, but this year seemed like it was the year to stay home and celebrate! I wasn’t sure if I was okay with that, but it turned out fantastic and I wouldn’t have changed our first NYE at all.

The funny thing about this date is that last year is when J’s cousin started his matchmaking, with us as his project. This year we spent it together, in our own home. How life works itself out, I’ll never understand, but appreciate it with my entire being!

New Menu Item ALERT! Potato Soup
Bubbly and Monopoly
New Year’s Day – Woke up to watch J’s beloved Spurs smash Chelsea. I couldn’t believe the score, they were on fire! A great way for them to start the new year…and J was a super happy camper. So happy he went and got me a treat! After we finally stopped being lazy, we got ready and headed to my family’s NY Day party. It was a low key affair with a lasagna bar, so delicious!
Lunch with a mimosa!
Free Friday –  No plans, so we filled it with FUN! Lil and her man, Randy were in town for the weekend, so we invited them to crash with us! The parentals called us in the AM to meet for lunch and brought along a surprise guest, the Bestest! After lunch, I convinced them we should all go to a local spot that houses 10 wineries – The Old Sugar Mill. They obliged and we proceeded to drink wine, snack on cheese & salami, and run into some old running/NPSMF/9Run6 friends!We walked out to a beautiful horizon of the sun setting. It was freezing, but the view was pretty gorgeous. We had plans for a double date with Jenn and Eric. We’d been avoiding this large light extravaganza at Cal Expo, called the Global Winter Wonderland, but when they asked if we wanted to go we said yes. We didn’t have plans, as we’ve had when asked before, and thought why not. We made it there with two days to spare, it was freezing, but it was kinda neat. But first, we met for drinks and eats, in preparation for the cold. It was freezing, but we lasted for about an hour. The pictures speak for themselves, besides us almost seeing an old person fight. That was fun, but no actual fight 😉 Afterwards, we went to get dessert, but it ended up being more bites and dessert. It was a nice ending to a day of fun and randomness!

Top – Poppa Bear & I, Bottom – Momma Bear, Bestest, & Lil
Those gloves were justifiable, it was that cold in there.
Running Friends – Chris & Dianne
Bites & Wine at Revolution Winery
Bubbles…or snow!
Sliders at BJ’s

Crab Feed – Every first Saturday of the year, I know exactly where I’ll be. At the local Knights of Columbus crab feed. For the last four years straight, I’ve attended. This year J came with, along with Lil, Randy, and the parentals. Although J strongly dislikes seafood, he still wanted to come, EVEN though it was all about the crab and shrimp. He’s a trooper and tried the crab, and actually didn’t mind it. I don’t think he’ll go ordering it anywhere, but doused in butter, mayo, or cocktail sauce and eaten with rice, anything would be tasty!

The raffle takes about 2 hours, swear!
Perfect crab feed attire…dare you not to sing the rest of the lyrics!

Indoor Soccer Tournament – Given that I haven’t run in two weeks, I was a little worried. But we’d already committed to an indoor tourney with J’s friend. This is another reason the Lil was in town, she was ballin’ with us! The Parentals came to cheer us on for all three games and Randy didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. But the Wench came with the Lovebug and they also cheered us on for our second game! It felt good to be out there, since I’d missed a game or two in our Monday night league, due to sickness part deux! We didn’t win the tourney, we went 1-2. It was nice to play with J and the Lil, even if our team was a little disorganized from never playing together! That’s how tourneys always seem to go unless you’ve played together before. Still, fun was had and I’m just a tad bit sore today!

I don’t want the vacation to end, but it always has too. It was a fun, extended holiday weekend spent with those that I love and doing whatever made my/our heart’s content. I even had time to get lost in lots of fiction, I almost finished two books during this break! I’m in the middle of the second and can’t wait to get some spare time to read the rest! Have I mentioned my latest obsession with an app/game called Subway Surfer? Collect ALL the coins. J and L love it and have shared their addiction with me, needless to say, many of minutes were spent collecting coins and running into trains!

Time to buckle down with my eating and running. I have races to run, so it’s time to get back in the running grind, just as much as the work grind! Time to focus on Napa and SLO!
2015 means I’ve been blogging for two whole years…


  • Kay @ Kay Bueno

    I love that you went to the light expo. I'm always avoiding things like that, and then when I turn up, I'm always happier I did. Lol.

    Also, can I please, as always, eat all the food in this post? I'm kicking myself off the sugar high I had from vacation, but that donut looks so sooo good right now.

    When is Napa? 🙂

    • S Ganeeban

      Hi Kay! We saw it on Groupon and it was pricey, but we didn't realize it had rides too! Glad we skirted in and got to see it all!

      Yes, you aren't too far from us, so if you ever think Sacramento sounds like a good day trip…at least you'll eat good, but probably not better than SF :/

      Napa is on March 1st…eeek!

      xoxo, ganeeban

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