Thinking Out Loud – #Whorepants

I thought I was running, not on a societal fashion show…


I live in workout tights – no matter the brand – when I work out. There are the rare occassion in the hot Sacramento days that I will wear shorts. Even at those times, they are probably the biker short variety, yeah, I said it!

So to think that people think I wear them to show off my ASSets is ridiculous. That’s just a side effect 😉 Haha, I kid. I kid.

Let’s take a step back. Let me explain a little. I was on the Book of Face the other day and I came across a posting from Runner’s WorldJen A. Miller, the author of this article, actually originally posted an article in the Philadelphia Inquirer. If you’re a runner, read. If you’re a woman, read. If you wear work out clothes, read. If you wear Lulu, read. Basically, just read at least one of these and you’ll get where this post is going!

Although the satire on #whorepants is not lost on me, I love that Miss Jen was able to turn it around on the Tweeter (@mrsloctastic) who coined the phrase. I haven’t looked at said Tweeters account, but I am assuming it is a woman. Why wouldn’t you empower another woman or all other women for that matter? Why put down a woman for what she chooses to wear when working out?

Let me just be real honest here. I have soccer girl thighs. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to look down and see a coveted ‘thigh gap’. So, then you can assume that when I run, or even work out, I am prone to chub rub! It’s such a sad state of affairs. That burning sensation that awakens the inner screaming child in you, when the water hits you in the shower. Those tricky patches are jerks, you don’t know you have them until you are done with your workout – for the most part. Unless it’s during a race, now that is the ultimate sucky situation! Ok, I digress! Since I am prone to such pain, I wear spandex, tights, and/or workout leggings when I work out – ALL YEAR LONG! From shorts in the summer, to capri’s in the spring, and full leggings in the winter. My number one reason is because I want to avoid chub rub at all costs, and sometimes this isn’t even a deterrent. If they happen to make my booty look good, then that’s a bonus. More than anything, I’m hoping my cellulite and dimples aren’t showing through the not-so-forgiving material. But to avoid chub rub, I wear it all!

Do you think the men that wear #whorepants are trying to show off their package too? Don’t get it twisted, men wear these too, just not as frequently! Just curious. The fact that these critics don’t think all people wear them for function is beyond me!

Just because someone chooses to wear these types of workout clothes, does not allow men (in the instance of this article) to hoot and holler, like she is a piece of meat. This is done regularly already, are we supposed to be conditioned to take it? Hell no! You go Jen, you take action against them and do what you need to do. I’m pretty sure most people working out are more worried about their pace, their lifting form, their stride…almost ANYTHING other than showing off in tights.

Don’t get me wrong, there are people who chose to wear these with the sole intent of showing off their goods. Good for them too! But please, please do not categorize them with us, those who are wearing them for functionality. Jen said it better than I could ever write it, but I thought I’d pen type my thoughts regarding this, since #whorepants really made me laugh at how sad our society is!

Just for fun, here’s a little collection of my own #whorepants in action!

I will keep rockin’ my #whorepants, because chub rub is no joke!


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