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Musings: Training Mode

Not to be confused with anything remotely close to the annoying coined phrase ‘Beast Mode’!

Running…Running…Running…Please stop reading if you don’t feel like being bombarded with another running-related post, partly running, and most likely partly whiny!

Just another blog post in the life of #ganeeban26 ! Yes, I just hashtagged in my post. I created that hashtag to track all of my first marathons posts and have continued with my second training cycle as well. I haven’t done a training update in a while, so here it goes.

If you are new to Musings of a Girly Tomboy, then you might not know I have signed up for two marathons:

  1. Napa Marathon – March 1, 2015
  2. SLO Half Marathon – April 26, 2015 — Should be noted, I am currently planning to upgrade to the FULL Marathon

So now that we got that out of the way, I wanted to give a, for a lack of a creative term, progress report on my training for both races.

I have a training schedule for Napa, which I am currently using, the term used loosely. After Napa is complete I have back to back races with a 4-mile Donut Dash and then a half marathon the weekend after that. Both of which I am assuming I will only be able to jog, at best. However, after those are done, I have a little less than 6 weeks to recover and prepare for the SLO marathon. I have no idea what Napa will bring, so I can’t say 100% that I’ll run the full SLO marathon. My current intent is to do so, even if I have to run/walk.

As for now, here’s how an average week of training is supposed to look like for January:
Monday – Cross train, no running.
Tuesday – Speed work, more focused on strides and sprints
Wednesday – Easy miles
Thursday – Speed work, more focused on MP miles
Friday – Easy miles
Saturday – Long Run
Sunday – Recover, easy miles

Here’s how it’s been going down:

Monday – MTSC class & indoor soccer
Tuesday – Avoiding at all costs (actually going to do some tonight)
Wednesday – MTSC class in the AM and not really doing the miles
Thursday – Doing these pretty consistently
Friday –  Doing these pretty consistently
Saturday – Adjusting from the 2 weeks off from sickness, not quite hitting the total mileage listed
Sunday – Doing these pretty consistently

In comparison, from scheduled to actuality, I’m doing alright. I’d say I’m hitting about 70% of my scheduled runs/workouts. I actually noticed a difference in my cardio at last nights indoor soccer game. I played the entire game, no subs, and was not as winded as I thought I would have felt. This is not to say, that by the second half I wasn’t tired, I just wasn’t as tired as I thought I would have been.

Since this is the first training cycle that I’m doing on my own, I think I’m on par with how I thought it would go. The structure of the group training made me much more accountable. Sadly, now that I’m the only motivating factor, at times I just talk myself out of my runs. Technically I could do this with a group training, but I never did. I was religious to the training, now I’m just kinda dating the training. My thoughts during the week are always on my long run, mentally preparing myself for those excruciating long runs. Especially the last few, they have been awful.

I keep complaining because two weeks of NO running really set me back and have somewhat, taken the joy out of running.  So, I’m having a hard time accepting that I ran a few 11+ min/miles on Saturday. I was discouraged, mad at myself, and upset. I know I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, I deep down, know this. But it’s hard. I want to run strong and feel good, which is the exact opposite of what is happening. I literally let out exasperated sighs, probably grunts, on Saturday. Whatever helps you get done, right? I did, however, remember to smile a few times. If I force myself to smile, it reminds me to be happy or at least reminds me to think of happy things. So if you see me running and I look like I’m trying to smile through a grimace, you know exactly what I’m going through.

As runners, we tend to push ourselves to the limits and not listen to our body. Even if it’s screaming at us. I’m pretty sure most runners are so competitive with themselves, they don’t rest their bodies enough. Why? Because it feels like you are letting yourself down if you don’t. If this doesn’t make sense, I understand. Something happens when I, and probably others, get into training mode. So one one-sided and focused on training, that most other things in our lives are put on the afterburner. It becomes all-consuming, which makes it that much harder to swallow that I’m not performing at my best ability. Regardless, knowing that I have had a setback of being sick, my rationale doesn’t accept that…at all!

I don’t mean for this post to sound whiny, but I’m sure it does. There is just so much more mental stability/strength that goes into training that anyone ever talks about. It truly is, at times, pushing your mental strength versus your physical strength.

I think I’m destined to be half-marathoner…


  • Kay @ Kay Bueno

    Okay so obviously you shouldn't beat yourself up too much because you're running a marathon, you're running two marathons. Most people don't hit that mileage in their normal weeks of moving around.

    But also at the same time I feel you. Taking two weeks off can feel terrible, and for me, it makes me less likely to want to get back because I feel like it's impossible to get those two weeks back. Which is so dumb. Ughhhh. Running, why do you mess with my mind so much?

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