Rose & Thorn [35]

I guess I was supposed to care about some football game this weekend…

Rose: Lunch date with my Mormon and meeting a local blogger for coffee & donuts!
Thorn: Sore legs…but what else is new?!

Had a fun weekend, albeit busy, but no complaints from this lil lady! I didn’t get everything I wanted to do done, but it was still a satisfying weekend of friends and family.

We shall call it a family/friend date night. We went out with two other couples, and one of them brought their daughter – who I got to sit next too and had a blast playing with pizza dough and laughing. J and I had originally planned to check out that new movie theater that serves booze and dinner, but no good movies were playing. Our friend posted this amazing picture of some dessert, so that’s how it turned into a group outing. So as the perfect storm goes, with our original plans failing, we changed them up to meet up with our friends for dinner and dessert.

Since I had 20 the next day, I was kin to carbs, carbs, and more carbs. They all obliged and we ate at an Italian spot, called Paesano’s. This spot makes a regular appearance here at MOAGT. It isn’t anything new, but it is a local fave of mine. Since it was still veggie week, I went with the simple pasta and ate tons of the free rosemary focaccia! Per the usu, it was a great time with laughter and good convo. After dinner we headed over to this new spot called Snobites for their specialty dessert called ‘Brick Toast’.

They have the best bendy straws and house red wine!
Jackie && I
Cesar Salad Side
Capellini d’Angelo

I’m not exactly sure what it entails, other than it is some type of Thai toast. They seem to scoop out the middle and cut the bread into chunks and pan fry it with butter. Put it all back in the crust and then top it with ice cream and treats. That is a pretty bad descriptor, but it tastes pretty amazing. Who would have thought bread and ice cream would compliment one another? Not I! 


Carb and sugar wasted, we headed home for the night. I passed out early, like the little ‘ol lady-in-marathon-training I am!

Up and att’em at 6AM to attempt a departure time at 7AM, which didn’t quite happen. It was of course a Spurs Saturday for J, so he was up just as early. I didn’t realize my Garmin wasn’t charged, until right before I left the house. Needless to say, I stayed an extra 10 minutes to charge it for a bit. In the end, it didn’t matter.

Again, another solo run. I had to get 20 miles in, so I was doing an out and back twice, 5 miles each way. Everyone on the trail was super nice and friendly and there wasn’t a plethora of bikers. The Garmin died right as I hit my last switch back at mile 15, it really threw me mentally. The last four miles were a struggle, walking was involved. A lot of mental and some verbal pep talking was happening and I just kept trying to push forward. This will be my longest distance before Napa, although I’ll probably do it two more times!

Garmin dead, pushed a little too hard for the first 14 miles, but I was done. I’d done just over 20 miles and learned that at mile 20 of the race there is a nice big hill. So, instead of walking up the levee after my run I decided to run/jog it, to emulate the race. My calves were screaming at me when I was back at the my car. I have had this indescribable pain post-run the last two runs, but I’ve figured it out – it’s from the walk up the levee after the run. Stretching and taking my post run selfie, I met a new runner who was training for Shamrock. It was awesome to see her excitement for her first race, I hope I run into her at the race.

After a little stretching, it was time to shower up and get ready for what we jokingly call a #SecretDate . There is a group of us girls that are forever friends, but at times hang out one-on-one. When this happens we tease each other and say we had a #SecretDate . Lucky me, I met up with the Mormon for sandwiches at Dad’s. It was a sunny afternoon, so we were able to sit outside, enjoy the weather, good convo, and delish food. We literally haven’t spent time together, just the two of us, in probably over a year. That made us both sad, but sometimes life happens. So, it made it that much more special that we carved out some random time on a Saturday afternoon for one another. I did miss seeing her 3 lovebugs.

The Mormon y Yo

After the late lunch, it was time to road trip it out to meet the Lil’s BF’s family. HAHA, did you get that. Yes, we met 8 of his family – Mom, Step Dad, Dad, Step Mom, Sister, BIL, Aunt, and Uncle. Since they’d been dating for awhile, they thought it was time all the parents met. Randy’s madre hosted the evening, although it was about an hour away. We got our caravan on and enjoyed getting to know his family. Everyone else dined on lasagna, but J and I were stuck with veggie week problems of garlic bread and Cesar salad.

They decorated the tables so cute, we were at the ‘kids table’

I was exhausted. I didn’t get a nap at all that day, so I’m pretty sure I wasn’t J’s favorite human because I think I fell asleep before 10PM – for the second night in a row.

My first every blogger date. I’m not sure how I found out/started reading/interacting with Maria via social media outlets, but I did. She does some really neat marketing stuff around the area. We met for coffee and donuts (thanks girl) and hung out for an hour and a half. I told her, before we met, it felt oddly like a first date. Even though we weren’t dating each other. She laughed at me, and I appreciated that! It was nice to get to know someone who also has a hobby, actually its her job, similar to mine. She’s new-ish to the area, so it was nice to hear her perspective of the area, the community, and all things Sacramento. I think my favorite thing was that she was as unembarrassed as me to take a picture of our food, standing up and even posing our hands. Not everyone understands my weird obsession with taking pics of everything…but she does 😉

After we parted ways I headed to J’s first soccer game of the second half of the season. His Mom and Bro were there. After the game we all headed out to lunch at one of my least favorite, but my families favorite, spots. Lunch wasn’t bad at all, I just get tired of them always wanting to go there!

Hauf Brau – French Dip

A quick nap, then off to watch the rest of the Super Bowl at J’s friends casa. Oh my goodness, they made the best prime rib ever! It was so tasty, such a fancy delicacy for the Super Bowl. For being a self prescribed tomboy, I could care less about this SB. I wanted to see the Sea Chickens lose, but other than that I had no real interest. The ‘marketer’ in me wanted to see the commercials…hello Sad Sally, which I did! For the ones that I missed, I just watched them on-line after the SB. The Always one hit home and I really enjoyed them bring light to #LikeAGirl. Geez, was Nationwide trying to make everyone go into instant depression? All the car commercials, just stop! All in all, the company was what made the SB fun, not the actual game. Don’t even get me started on that half time show. The only saving grace was Missy Elliott coming out and saving K. Perry! I really only needed to watch the last 10 minutes of the game, which I did. Other than that, go 49ers! haha!

After the game was over and the goodbyes were said, we headed home. Since it was fairly early, we were able to catch up on our back logged DVR. Since we’ve binged watched girls, we have to decide what’s next – House of Cards or Mad Men? Any opinions out there…

Glorifying busy one weekend after another… 

PS – Happy, happy birthday to my favorite pretty girl with the dirtiest mouth/mind:

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