Thinking Out Loud – Year of the Goat/Sheep

Happy (Chinese) New Year!


…From this half Chinese gal! Generally, the extent of my celebration is usually dinner with the Parentals, which isn’t a bad way to celebrate at all. However, growing up it was more elaborate when my grand parents were alive. They were very traditional and had all the fixin’s at their house for the New Year! My family did not give us lai see full of hundred dollar bills, but of small amounts. We didn’t know any different, until I’d say high school, when kids would brag about the hundreds or even in the thousands of dollars they received for the special day. I was and would still be content with the small amount, if it meant I could spend another New Years with my Poh-Poh and Gong-Gong (Grandma and Grandpa in one dialect (sadly, I can’t remember), for your mother’s parents).

All that said, I hope you enjoy your New Years, no matter what you are doing…even if you aren’t Chinese!

Ash Wednesday – Yesterday was the first day that starts Lent. I’d mentioned that I was contemplating on what to give – the final list is as follows: chips, fries, soda, and alcohol Monday-Friday (I will break this for one day, Thursday, my birthday). I usually try hard to follow the rules of fasting on Ash Wednesday. I did great all day and saved me ‘small meal’ for dinner. However, I forgot one important rule – no meat. There was a Yelp Elite Event and I made my own pizza with chicken, bacon, and pepperoni. I didn’t just have on meat, I had tons. Eeek! I didn’t, however, indulge in wine. I probably ate more than what one would consider a ‘small meal’ too. I tried and did good for most of the day.

First YEE of the Year – YEE = Yelp Elite Event. This is about the third they’ve offered this year, but the first one I’ve attended. Also, this was J’s first one as well. This is one of those events that puts the others to shame – so much free everything! Blaze Pizza in Roseville is essentially the fast food of pizza. If you’re from Sacramento, think the chain version of Pieology on the Grid. You walk in and order just like at Chipotle, but it’s pizza. They have a build your own option and about 8 pre-made options available (if you are lazy and don’t want to think about what to add to your pizza). They let everyone order their own pizza, get salad, any drink of choice, and dessert. But it didn’t stop there, you could go back for seconds, thirds, etc.! All around an awesome event…I think I might have found my Yelp groove again ๐Ÿ™‚

Attention Parents – As a previous little girls soccer team coach, I have seen some of the crazy that can be athlete parents. My family has a few of them too, my Momma might be included (sorry if you’re reading Mom, just kidding) ๐Ÿ˜‰ My indoor arena posted these signs recently and I think it is perfect. Every sport field for children should read this, I think the message is so important for both kids and adults, alike!

Ditch the canned soup recipes  – If you grew up like me, then your parents probably used some type of Campbell’s cream of something soup in some of their recipes. It tastes great and all, however, we all know that to preserve something in a can it can’t be that good for you. These cans of cream of convenience have a ridiculous amount of sodium and other things we don’t wan to know about. Jen over at Pretty Little Grub shared this post yesterday and I thought it was perfect! My parents have more time to go out of their way to make these substitutions. However, if they choose to is a different story. Healthier alternatives never hurt anyone ๐Ÿ˜‰

Blogger Despair – Jenn at Peas & Crayons has hosted a very popular link up every Wednesday called WIAW – What I Ate Wednesday. Lately she has been very frustrated because people, myself included, have not been following the original intent behind the link up. She would like everyone to post what they ate in one specific day. I did and have taken liberties for this link up. I have themed my post – i.e. What I bought at Trader Joe’s, What I’m Snacking On, etc. – I think it’s nice to change it up. My normal daily eats aren’t that exciting, so I’d mix it up. However, she was noticing people linking up from weeks ago, people doing giveaways, and all other sorts of random things. So she was so fed up she didn’t do the link up this week. I felt so bad when I read her post. It’s a great link up and idea and I totally appreciate it. I feel bad because I was part of her frustration. I will continue to do WIAW, even if we can’t link up! Sorry Jenn, enjoy your Chickpea and hope you are a little more content now!

Pitchers & Catchers – They reported YESTERDAY! I am so excited that my men in Orange and Black are getting ready as the reigning champs! I’m sure this year will start a little iffy, but I don’t care. I’m excited to see what the new, jumbled squad looks like. I can’t wait to see how the boys have improved on the mound! I can’t believe I don’t have any tickets to any game yet, but I’m hoping this changes soon! I can smell the freshly cut grass, the new leather from their gloves and cleats, and the aroma of a new season! Get excited ladies and gents, cause I am!!

Sam’s Club Sampling – Machines are finally replacing people. In this instance I was okay with it, until another demo person tried to accost me at this machine. I was in awe of this machine that gives out free samples, gotta love technology. Pardon if I’m behind, I haven’t had a Sam’s Club membership that long. I’m a Costco girl!

Newness – I feel like it’s my duty to share new things I find when I am out and about. For all you spicy lovers here is some new hotness!

A Little Conditioning  – Since I missed all of my lifting classes this week I decided to crash Bobbie’s conditioning class this AM. I lucked out, cause we had an all things 2-7 workout, in honor of Kirk’s 27th birthday. Lucky us, 27 burpees are so FUN! It felt awesome to be back at conditioning. I’ve enjoyed lifting, but I missed conditioning!

May this new (lunar) year bring you prosperity, good luck, and good fortune


  • Jen Rawson

    Thanks for the feature! I didn't see that she didn't do the link up yesterday. That's too bad when something with great intentions turns into something negative.
    These YEE events seem awesome! I want in the special elite club ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • S Ganeeban

      You're very welcome. Yeah, I just hope she'll bring it back after awhile. Yes, get on your Yelping so you can become Elite and get into the YEEs! They are worth the effort of writing a review on places you've been. And seeing as how you blog, the transition should be seamless, just time consuming if anything! Happy Weekend! xoxo, ganeeban

    • S Ganeeban

      Hi Girlie! I know, the machine is awesome. I was wondering if I'd get a full sample (like I did) or it would give me something in a cup. Now I know for the next time! Since you live near SF, I bet it would be worth it. I can only imagine how awesome their Yelp events would be, albeit crowded. You should totally do it, if you like free food, free booze, and awkward social interactions and/or people watching! HAHA xoxo, ganeeban

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