WW(e)AW – Anniversary Eats

I’m Lucky us 😉

Thanks, Jenn!

Presidents day happened to coincide with our one year anniversary this year. So here is What We Ate Monday in celebration of our long weekend and one year of being official, sound so old school! I don’t know if its time, situational, or what, but I used to put a huge emphasis on anniversaries. Previously, I’d go all out – elaborate gifts, meals, etc. – but this year we kept it very simple. Maybe that will change next year or maybe it won’t, either way it was a lovely day with my fella!

Somehow our lucky stars aligned and we had this extra special day off together. We minimally discussed a day trip, but finalized it during the weekend. We wanted to go hiking at Muir Woods, just outside of San Francisco. So although I stayed up a little too late on Sunday night binge watching TV, we got up at our normal week day time, of around 7:30AM. We had plans to be out the door by 8AM, but we just took our time and didn’t rush.

Since we knew we had at least an hour and a half drive, we took our breakfast with us. J made us coffee and we enjoyed them before we left. However, we ate breakfast on the road, leftover bacon fried rice he had made the day before. Pretty fancy, huh? We needed extra carbs for our hike.

Sadly, all of the world (slight exaggeration) decided to take this day off and go hiking and Muir Woods as well. The regular parking was full, the over flow parking was full, and cars lined the one lane road for over a mile and a half, before we could even think of parking our car. Although we really wanted to spend our day hiking, we made a quick decision to change our plans.

Stinson Beach, there we went! I had seen the sign when we made the turn off for Muir woods, so I knew it was fairly close. Of course, I couldn’t get reception near Muir Woods, so we waited until we got back to the junction and just went with it.

When we arrived there were only a few cars in the regular parking lot. It was the perfect day to be at the beach in February. Seeing as how we thought we’d be hiking, we didn’t have our bathing suits on. However, being in capris and a t shirt with a light jacket were perfect for the weather. The sun was out and there was a slight breeze. It was picture perfect. To the left, there was fog slowly setting.

We parked it near the top of the beach, on a slight incline, mostly away from everyone. Ugh, if you went to the right it was “dog friendly,” we went to left, obviously. Don’t get me wrong, it was cute to see the pups running around and enjoying themselves, I just don’t need to be up close and personal with them.

After a few hours of walking along the beach, sitting and chatting on the rocks, and looking for sea dollars we thought we should get some food and head home.

I used Yelp and saw that there was a four star place near by, The Lunch Box. It came highly rated as a good sandwich spot. We probably should have walked there, but since we didn’t know the area we drove. Parking fairies on our side, we found a prime spot. This is a small beach town and the food options are limited, thus the long wait for our food. Or that of a certain gentleman who ordered 15 sandwiches before us :/

By this time it was getting super late to eat and we were starving. I ordered the Baby Beef Sliders and J ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich. We both grabbed a bag of chips a fruity Pellegrino and I made the executive decision to split a Chocolate Chip Whoopie Pie for dessert!

Not sure if it was pure starvation or actually that good, but our lunch was amazing. Both sandwiches were delicious. Fresh ingredients and great flavor, I see what why the hype exists. After we devoured our lunches we walked around the little area for a quick second. We checked out the “Snack Shack,” the Cafe, and the coffee bar. We ended the circle with a quick stroll through their small park, the trees were in bloom and it was gorgeous. The fog was really setting in, so it was a little overcast as we left.

We headed back to Sac, but got stuck in ugly traffic. We thought since it was a holiday we’d make it back in good time. No such luck. Traffic city! When we finally made it back we napped for an hour and then headed to our co-ed semi-final game.

Woot! Woot! We won our game and we are going to the Finals! I even scored two goals and came away with an assist. It was a good game if I do say so, myself! The Parentals came to cheer us on, so we all went out to eat after.

After the game and some contemplation, we decided on BJ’s Brew House for dinner. Per the usu, we started with an appetizer of the chicken wings, except Poppa Bear always orders the ‘flats only’!

For dinner J and I split entrees, which seems the norm these days. I ordered the Bleu Burger and he ordered the Bacon Ranch pizza. We decided to splurge on a Pepsi, since we are both giving it up for Lent. We couldn’t leave without a Pizookie for dessert, I let J choose the flavor – but he always chooses PB, because he knows it’s my fave. Such a sweetie! Too many laughs with the Parentals, it was the perfect way to end our special day!

The beach, soccer, and good food…doesn’t get any more perfect than that…


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