Rose & Thorn [43]

Before I can go any further, I NEED to wish…


Okay, back to the regularly scheduled program…

The From bad to good!

Rose: A full weekend of FUNstivities
Thorn: Not knowing if I’m actually sick or if allergies are kicking my ass!

This was one of those weekends where everything just fell into place. There were things to do, but nothing felt rushed or forced. Besides my onset of allergies, snot, and nasty cough, all was well!

I tried to stick out the full day at work, but I’d been feeling miserable since Thursday and it was only getting worse. So after lunch, I finished up some work and then headed home for the day. My parents met me at work and did some almond shopping, but also brought me some lunch. Bless their amazing souls! I made a quick stop to get some kids Sudafed and then went straight home to the couch and my tissue box.

J finally got off work and we just watched House of Cards all afternoon and evening. We had planned to hit up yoga, but I didn’t think the other yogi’s would appreciate me hacking and sniffling around them, as they try to get their namaste on! Finally, when we were hungry, we ran to Caprichio, because I was craving fish tacos for Lent!

Although I wasn’t feeling the best, I still got my booty up to get to Midtown since I missed my Tuesday class. If I’m paying for it, I better go, right?!? Bobbie’s class, was yet again, brutal! After class, I headed to Sun & Soil for a juice treat. We both were still feeling awful, so I thought some fresh, boughie juice would do us good. I got myself a Sweet Greens and J the fresh, cold pressed OJ. It was just as good as I remembered, J even liked mine, which is the biggest surprise of it all.

I didn’t have much time to get ready for the day. Originally, the Guidette and I had planned to go out of town for the day (J was supposed to go out of town for Spring Break, but his plans changed too), but since I was feeling awful we made it just a local, fun day. Our little studette had a softball game and the good Auntie/Ate we are, we went to cheer her on, alongside her parents and sister. After the game and girl talk, we went out for lunch.

Lili Girl is for sure ‘fresh to death’!!
Lil Mad’s cheering section!
Guidette // Lil Mad // Yo

Our only requirement for a lunch spot was a patio, however, it ended up being blazing hot, so we jumped around tables much to the dismay of the hostess and our server. The Guidette and I were starving at this point, so we held nothing back. I already knew I wanted a burger, but their Philly cheese steak is pretty delish! A little over halfway through our drinks and lunch, Maddie met up with us. As she ordered lunch we ordered another drink and enjoyed the shade as much as possible.

We said bye to Maddie and then we had every intention of going to a local boutique, but instead made a pit stop at a local wine bar, 58 Degrees and Holding. I’ve had hit or miss experiences, but the last time was really good so I was excited to be back. It wasn’t crowded, so we got a half sunny seat near the window for people watching. The Guidette and I were in our own world, sipping on bubbly and Cab and enjoying her Snap chat. We even convinced the bartender to let us borrow his phone charger, since we cannot live without cell phones. After another glass, we decided to go shopping as we had originally planned. With the greatness of social media, we can shop via IG and then go to the store if we see something we like – so that’s what we did!

So this is Snap Chat, apparently…

We had way more fun that we probably should have at the boutique – Krazy Mary’s! We ended up buying the same shirt, typical! After, we finally decided we should take ourselves home. She stayed and ate a snack, before she had to go to another party, she’s pretty popular! I did not feel well, again, neither did J. I took a nap, even though it was after 7PM. I woke up feel worse than when I went to bed. J was starving so he went to pick up dinner at Buckhorn Grill.

Yes, we eat there way too much. But it’s soo good and decently priced! I wasn’t going to have him order me anything, but I didn’t want to get food envy when he got back. But when he did get back I couldn’t stomach the smell or the sight of dinner. I laid there as J ate his whole meal. Of course, after many episodes of House of Cards, just before midnight, I was getting hungry. I didn’t want to eat that late, so I went to be a little hungry 🙁 Boo!

Still not feeling well, I tried to get up to go cheer on the Maddie’s as they ran their 5k, but my head was pounding from sinus pressure and I still had the gross cough. I turned off my alarm clock and laid down a little longer. I got up in time to make a basic breakfast of toast, egg whites, and coffee before our soccer game. I was starving from the previous night, but had a game so I couldn’t eat too much.

Our Sunday’s consist of two soccer games from here on out, for about ten or so weeks. Sometimes they work out perfectly, as they did on this day – our coed team played at 10AM and his men’s game was at 12PM. He could play in both and I could watch his second game, even though we had to drive to cars (re: waste gas). I wouldn’t have it any other way. Halfway through our game J left to his next game. I finished out our game with a WIN and headed to Nugget to grab my traditional post-game treat of a juice! I bought us both waters and raced over to his game just in time for kick-off.

They came away with the win and it was a good game to watch, physical and good skills on both sides of the field. Once home we were both pretty exhausted and a little sun kissed. We took a nap, relaxed, and squeezed in one episode of House of Cards before we headed to the mall. I had coupons and free in-store money, so I had to go use them. It’s only right! However, don’t go to the mall and forget your wallet in the car, FAIL! So after we went into a few stores and couldn’t buy anything we left.

Tanna had given me a gift card for my birthday, so we decided to use it and have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. I was surprised there was only a 5 minute wait on a Sunday evening. Lucky us! It was as chain as ever, but it was good. Despite ordering the wrong dish, I still enjoyed mine. J loved his mac-n-cheese burger, but we both were more excited for dessert! We shared the Adam’s cheesecake – basically a peanut butter lovers dream!

My Handsome
That is not what I meant to order :/
Look at the cross cut of the burger,!
It’s the simple moments…
Pretty sunset, dirty car window!

Back at home, we were set on another marathon of House of Cards. However, I’d been craving popcorn, so after an episode we made some, grabbed wine and Reese’s pieces. Definitely being over indulgent, but it was the perfect way to end our weekend!

Still kinda bummed I missed Garth Brooks in concert this weekend…


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