Thinking Out Loud – Getting Lost in Random

Allergies have me all kinds of random today!


The last few nights have been shitty sleep. My allergies are killing me, making sleep elusive and my days miserable. I went from sore throat to post nasal drip in the span of one day. Sorry, I’ll stop complaining about our 75 degree weather with a 10,000,000 pollen count :/

Ride or Dies // The three amigas. From Nordstrom, to Red Bull, to Vega. It’s been over a decade of friendship, laughter, and good times. Trin Monies, the Bestest, and I – no matter how much time goes by in between, we pick up right where we left off. I do have a great group of friends, but these two have easily found their way into all my circles of friends, plus our own little niche of friendship. Last night we finally got together for a belated birthday celebration for me. I think we used to mock the term ‘ride or dies’ but then we started dubbing ourselves that, now it just stuck! Trin got me the best card ever, we all were dying! The Bestest had to dance with the belly dancer (I don’t want to admit how long it took me to figure out that’s the name of the dancer), since she took her phone out to record her…it was pretty awesome!

Bombay // Vegetable Pakora
Bombay // Chicken Tikka Masala, Garlic Basil Naan, Chicken Curry, and Steamed Basmati Rice
Bombay // Vegan Platter

No Crate & Barrel Needed // J’s brother has a passion for making things, besides working full time, owning another business, and having three kids. He made us our book case for our bathroom, but then I tasked him with my dream shelving from Crate & Barrel. We finally picked it up and put it in our room and I am in love! Thanks DC!

Crate & Barrel // Sawyer Grey Leaning Desk with Two 18″ Bookcases

Whole Foods Goodness // On top of a delicious Indian dinner last night, Trin Monies also bought me the cutest Threads 4 Thought dress and a Hello Beauty bag from Whole Foods. The dress is made from 100% recycled products and is so comfy, I’m wearing it today. The Hello Beauty bag is similar to a Birch Box (so overrated) but with items from WF’s Whole Body Section. I’d rather have this over Birch Box any day, wholesome products that are good for my beauty regimen – not products that are lame, that I’ll never use again. I’m really excited to try the mascara and the shampoo smells divine. My little Vegan boo spoiled me with some goodies I’d never even think to buy for myself!

Pardon J’s outside shoes && me giving no F’s about my hair today (or any workday for that matter) :/

Manners // If chivalry is dead (which I don’t believe it is), so are manners. I think manners have gone by the wayside, much more than chivalry. How hard is it to say the following three things: please, thank you, and excuse me? Seriously, those basic three sayings/words should always be in your rapport. Use them, a lot! Thanks 🙂

Helpful resources if you are interested:

Man Hands // J loves to tease me about my rough hands. You don’t wear gloves at Midtown, you just don’t. No matter how cold that damn bar is, you just don’t do it. Well, I’ve seen an older lady who does, no one says anything to her…but best believe if I tried too, I’d get heckled all day! So, I embrace my rough hands, because they lift heavy shit, they drag themselves along the turf for bear crawls, mountain climbers, and burpees. My fix: throw a little nail polish on my fingers and it will hopefully distract them from my calluses and broken skin. I embrace the hands that have worked so hard in the gym, even if J says they feel like sand paper!

My Fave Tweet of the Week // Well, so far..


Is It SF Giants Time Yet // My new Vickie’s SF Giants collab shirts are dying to be worn. I want to wear them, but I want to wait until the season starts. Girly Tomboy probs are real right now! I have three that are just dying to be worn. I bought two and was gifted the third one by the homies for my birthday! Vickie’s website and stores seem to have different and an overlap of certain items. This is the only one on their website that I have, the other two aren’t listed currently…

Buy Me!

That’s a wrap-up for my randomness!


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