Thinking Out Loud – Without Much Thought

Just not feelin’ it today…


I say that now, but then the post will end up going on for ever…and ever…

Pizza // Do you ever have such an intense craving for food, but don’t give in for days. Then finally, the weather gets gloomy and pizza and cuddling just sound perfect? Yeah, that happened. I have been craving pizza for damn near a week now and we finally caved and got it last night, even though we had planned to make breakfast burritos. We did, we just made them for this AM (which were freakin’ amazing, by the way!). J’s friends stopped by, before a concert near our casa, so I had to get enough in case they were hungry.

Source // I freakin’ love this saying!

L // I know I mention L here, but I don’t ever show you her face. This is to respect J’s wishes of not sharing her face or business to the whole world. But I wanted you to know that she is the sweetest little girl I could have ever asked for to walk into my life with J. I was upstairs when she came over the other day, but when I came down stairs she surprised me with the cutest note ever. The best part was that she knew she spelled it wrong, but she said “It’s wrong, but I tried my hardest. I sounded it out.” I can’t as for much more. She’s sweet, caring, and thoughtful…just like her Daddy!

Midtown // Started the conditioning class, again, today! I was going to try to start last week and that didn’t work out. Then Tuesday was supposed to happen, but with a late soccer game on Monday night and the time change, my 5AM wake up call was snoozed until 7AM. Anywho, it felt great to be back getting my sweat on. My aches seemed to work themselves out.

Nike Fly Knit Racers // I’ve been contemplating new shoes for training forever, ask J. I’ve spent countless minutes on the Intranets, even went to Niketown, and still none purchased. Tricky J made the decision for me and bought me a pair for my birthday. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like them, but after their first wear I think I’m going to love them. I hope they last as long as my others, but since they don’t have much support I have a feeling I’ll rip through them 🙁 But the color way is fun (not my first choices, since they sell out so quickly) and they worked great this AM with tons of different movements!

Sacramento Corporate 5k // There is a new 5k coming to Sac. It is being started to encourage corporate companies to participate and create teams. Then they want to host a huge happy hour, post-race. I’m pretty stoked for it and it’s even better since it will be held on a Thursday night!

Chatbooks // Although Napa Marathon isn’t something I want to actually remember, I still created my chatbook documenting my whole experience. It’s such an easy service to use, I love it. I’d have more, but I’m trying to be better about buying randomness. Since I always use #ganeeban26 it is easy to find all my pictures through my hash tag, which is a great part of their service. They also will automatically send you books of your IG feed, if you sign up for it. I wanted to share the love if you want to get one for free, but please note – it has to be from your IG feed, not a custom book.

Family Vacation 2015 // Uh oh! The boys were invited this year! The six of us will be gallivanting on a mini cruise for a few days. I couldn’t be any more excited…except that means it’s time to lose the extra lbs I’ve been carrying around. The boys have never been on a cruise, so that’s awesome! We have done this one a couple of times, but it’s been forever. Needless to say, we’re ALL excited!

#FerrellTakesTheField // If you haven’t heard, the MLB is doing a huge media stunt today, which involves Will Ferrell fielding 10 positions for 10 different teams in Spring Training today in AZ. He will end his day as Catcher for the SF Giants. I’m annoyed by it all, but also think it’s pretty damn cool!

Pic taken from the @MLB twitter

Irony // He loves to tease me and roll his eyes when I stand up to take a food/table shot. But then yesterday, I caught him recording a re-play of an earlier soccer game. I was teasing him and he wanted to make sure I knew it was for his friend L, who missed this particular goal. I just thought it was an easy way to tease him, since he always teases me about my iPhone/social media antics!

Live. Love. Laugh. It’s almost the weekend…. 


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