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Veggie Week has me feeling pretty good…

Thanks, Meghan!

This week brings us to Clean Eats, Fast Feets ! We’re both new here so have fun exploring Meghan’s blog. From what I can see she has some pretty nice food shots, thanks for hosting Meghan! But please, always stop by Jenn’s blog to see where it all started!

The intention of Veggie Week was never to feel like a detox week, but this week it seems like that’s exactly what it is. I notice I tend to eat a little less during these weeks, but that’s generally because I’m not creative when it comes to making things with just veggies.

I’ve been pretty down on myself and my body image, but I feel like this was just the jump start I needed. It seems to be bleeding into other aspects of my life as well, I’m more motivated to work out and my laziness seems to have disappeared (our casa is up to my normal standards now)! SLO half marathon is in about six weeks, so I guess this is perfect timing.

So, unless you live under a rock, you know that yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day. The only celebrating that this Asian-American girl did was throw on a green shirt and accidentally ate something green in every meal. So here goes my Green Everything Tuesday!

J woke up extra early to make us breakfast burritos, lucky me. Before you get judgy, that is not actual meat, it is Smart Ground Meatless Mexican Style. He snuck some greens in the form of sauteed spinach, with egg whites and shredded cheddar cheese. I swear, tortillas from Mexico are sprinkled with the same crack that Mc Donald’s french fries are, they are so damn good! Oh and of course I had my usual cup of coffee with rice milk and a little sugar!

Like clockwork, my stomach was grumbling around 10:30AM. No greens in this snack, but still pretty tasty! Trying to be cognizant of serving sizes, I only drank took half the Suja juice, so I wouldn’t be tempted to drink the entire thing – even though calorie wise, it wasn’t much. Again, I know Cheez-Its aren’t the healthiest, but I am enjoying this portion control size bag and I have a case to work through, but no complaints here!

Our meeting at work went late, so I ate a little later than normal, but oddly, I wasn’t too hungry (like I normally am). All the greens for lunch! I made a salad of mixing three types of greens – organic baby spinach, organic spring mix, and a broccoli slaw mix. I added some of the Drunken Goat Cheese I picked up at the Co-op in the ‘Petite Cheeses’ basket. Topped it off with croutons and the salad dressing Fabs brought over this weekend – its so good, I’ll be using it until it’s all gone 🙂 Oh, and since I gave up chips for Lent, I found ‘Veggie Sticks’ as a substitute. Is that cheating? Probably…

This was forced (used very liberally) since I donated blood. I mean, it would be wrong to donate blood and then not nourish my body with unhealthy snacks, right? Again, no greens, in this snack. I actually only ate two of the Nutter Butters, threw the other two away and drank the water. I hoarded the Goldfish for whenever I’m in need of a snack at my desk.

I forced myself to rest yesterday, so I kept dinner light. My goal is to not eat too many carbs at night, but last night fancy toast just sounded so good. Although it’s so basic, it hit the spot! I got my greens in the form of avo, it was so perfect and buttery! I toasted a piece of sourdough and cooked some egg whites to complete my meal. I also portioned myself a half of a sweet potato to curb any craving for something sweet. Sadly, I cooked this in our toaster oven and it was still under cooked, even though I re-heated it up in the microwave, lesson learned 🙁

Grocery Snapshot
I enjoy sharing my grocery store hauls. They are always unplanned and bought with spur of the moment intent. On Monday night we stopped at Trader Joe’s and the Sac Co-op, because one grocery store isn’t enough 😉

Trying another new type of probiotics and randomness.
Trader Joe’s haul!

I’ve never been into corned beef…greens for me!


  • Julia Grigorian

    I love your burritos for breakfast! Right now I am on a “must have sweets for breakfast” kick, but growing up, I would always have chicken and weird foods for breakfast! Mexican is my favorite type of cuisine, so I am doubly loving your breakfast.

    Whoa! I also just saw that you are in the Sacramento area! I was born in Elk Grove and lived there for six years. Small world. 🙂

    I had forgotten about those veggie sticks! They are so GOOD.

    • S Ganeeban

      Oh my goodness. I love salty and leftovers for breakfast. I've never been a sweets type of gal – well wit the exception of some cereals and french toast sticks from Carl's Jr.! haha! Such a small world, you would never recognize EG now…its so crazy! Thanks for stopping by. xoxo, ganeeban

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