WIAW – Oh My Eats!

Catchy title, for some basic lookin’ food…

Thanks, Laura!

The merry-go-round continues. This week we take a tour of Sprint 2 the Table
! Laura has so graciously offered to host this week, so please stop by and take a look around – I know I will be. But as always, peep Jenn’s blog to see where it all started!

I’m not really deviating from Jenn’s original WIAWness, but I am sharing what I ate the last two days this week, minus one meal. So enjoy my rather mundane eats as I try to eat a little healthier and not overindulge in large portions.


Lunch // Not pictured is a small salad I tried to eat to tide me over. But I had to run to Target for work and I was so hungry. I contemplated a bunch of things, but went to their food court area and went for this Turkey Provolone in a pretzel bun thing. It made my stomach hurt, probably because I knew it was laced with sodium and fat!

Dinner // We stopped at the Sac Co-op to grab something for dinner, but the hot bar Garlic Chicken looked too good not to eat. So we each grabbed a piece to take home. I made some TJ’s brown rice and a side salad. We had a soccer game after dinner, so I didn’t want to eat too heavy!


Breakfast // At the Co-op the evening before, I bought some eggs to make the egg muffin things with the leftover Mexican fake meat we had. I took one and a half of those, cut them up, added some TJ’s ketchup, and wrapped it all in a tortilla! Of course a cup of coffee was had as well.

Lunch // Since there wasn’t much in the fridge, I stopped by the Taco Truck to grab a piece of grilled chicken. I portioned about half for lunch, warmed up more of the TJ’s brown rice and half of a sweet potato, and made a side salad.

Dinner // I had an appointment and a serious craving for a burger. So, I took myself on a date, post appointment, and had dinner at Buckhorn Grill. I brought my cute new notebook and some reading material. A very interesting family was sitting next to me, so I was slightly distracted from my book. Also, have you ever tried to eat a burger and read a book? It’s hard. I only ate a little more than half the burger and Roadhouse onions, so I could have some for lunch today!

So there you have it, my eats as of late! No pretty plating or crazy healthy, just an average girly tomboy eats.

My weekday eats are jealous of my weekend eats!


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