2015,  Five Things Friday

Five Things Friday – Be Happy!

Smiling…for no reason!

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Thanks, Clare!

Not that it should be a bad thing, but I’m in a great mood today. I guess, sometimes I feel bad for being so happy and content with my life. There are so many ugly things happening, in addition to hurt and pain, and I’m sitting here smiling at what I have and what surrounds me.

So today, I will only post 5 Things That Are Making Me Happy and keep it to just that:

1. National Sibling Day — Today is that day. If you’ve been around these parts at all, then it’s not really important that I remind you how amazing it is to be the big sister to my Lil! She is amazing on all fronts – as a sister, friend, daughter, girlfriend, runner, soccer player, student, employee, and all around human. I’m so glad I had the experience of having a sibling…I feel bad for only children…

2. Gamer Babes — Lunch with my (Soul) Sisters on this special ‘sibling’ day. These gals are the sisters I chose for myself, thus the title Soul Sisters. They are more than friends, they are among a select group of people who have become family. Good food, good laughs, good times!

Foundation Restaurant & Bar // Crab Cake BLTA

3. Poppa Bear — Since he was out of town with Momma for his B-day we didn’t really get to celebrate it with him. Knowing that Momma Bear left him for the week, we invited him over for dinner – with a few surprises in store for him, his gift and German Chocolate cupcakes. It was fun to have dinner, watch the Giant’s game, and hang out with my first true love!

J’s first time making cupcakes!

4. The SF Giants — They went into their first extra-innings game last night and a newbie came in clutch with a hit to bring in the winning run. They are already being torturous to us fans, but I’ll take that torture any day! Can’t wait to have them back home on Monday night and raise the World Champion flag!

I think I took this from the @SFGiants twitter…

5. Understanding — People, especially companies, being understanding of circumstances and going out of their way(s) to help in a situation. Lately, I’ve had to have things re-done or unscheduled and it seems that I’ve had a little luck on my side lately and I’m grateful that there are still people and employees that value customer service and understanding. Not every task is just a job, there are real people that need help sometimes.

Just in my little cloud of happy!

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