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April is moving crazy fast!


Sweet, short, and simple…that’s all I have for you today. Here are the random things I’d like to think aloud about today!

F&$^// Eff! I know you other Bloggers can sympathize with me and my frustration. I had, what I thought, was a really cool post and ALL of a sudden…GONE! Adios! See ya NEVER! My computer was acting wonky, but I never hit the delete button! So, I’m pretty sure it’s gone forever, since I tried to recover it using various ways I found via the Internets. But unless any readers are Blogger savvy, please help a sister out!

Fake Flower Crown // Ever since they’ve become all the rage, I’ve secretly coveted them. I try them on, any chance I get, but I can’t figure out where would be appropriate for me to wear one, so thus I have not bought one. I’ve seen some gorgeous ones, but I just can’t get myself to drop bread on one! First world problems, I know. They are so cute, I think I just need to buy one and rock it!

One Boston Day // I saw this all over social media yesterday and it reminded me it was the 2 year anniversary of the horrible bombing event, that changed the Boston Marathon forever. This day has been dubbed ‘One Boston Day’ and will be recognized as such: ‘April 15th marks the beginning of a new annual Boston tradition: One
Boston Day. This day will be a celebration of the resiliency,
generosity, and strength of the people that make Boston the great city
it is.’ [From the website] In support of this new movement, I wore my #BostonStrong to show my support in California and as a way to pay respects to everyone in Boston and affected by the past events.

Treat Yo Self // I did a lot of this on Tuesday night when I went to the mall. Sales, they get me every. single. time! Half off of the sale price and 10% off for using your Gap card, damn you Gap! The never ending coupons from VS are a trap too! $10 off anything, so of course I need the newest SF Giants collab shirt, thanks! Oh, hey Nordstrom Instagram, yes, I need that tank talking about fries…I’ll run to my local Nordies and cop it! I wish I knew what buyers remorse felt like…

Via Gap

Double Date // Last night we had a double date with Jen & Eric. We chose a diner spot that happened to be celebrating their five year anniversary this week. They are well known for the Dad’s Burger, featured on DDD, and it was on special for $5 last night. Lucky us. Also, J and I got there early enough so we could secure a seat and even made it in time for HH! All around a great Hump Day evening – good friends && good food!

We got to the restaurant 45 minutes early to save seats, so we watched the game like this!
Happy Hour // Mac n Cheese
Dad’s Burger & Seasoned Fries
Meatloaf Sandwich w/ regular fries
Freeport Bakery // Sugar Cookie for dessert

Co-parenting // As my friends and I have gotten older, I’ve been around this situation, all varying slightly. Some worked and some were/are a struggle. It wasn’t until I started dating J that this was something that I have had to learn about firsthand. Because his situation is exactly that, HIS, I won’t go into details of what he goes through. Just know that I have a litany of things I’d like to write about this, but out of respect for both of them I don’t write my thoughts on the blog. I just hope that when two people are in this situation, they do what is best for the child. I hope they take emotions out of the situation and remember there is a child at the center of it all. I will be the first to point out that I do not have a child of my own and have no direct experience with this, but I think being close to a few of those that have, has given me a decent amount of insight to the topic. I realize it’s hard and I admire those that can co-parent to the best of their abilities, while putting the child first. Bottom line.

 Happy Thursday, one day closer to the weekend my friends!


  • carissajade

    Ugh, totally been there with the blog disappearing. And then you spend hours going back and forth on your browser and hitting keys as if that will make it come back. Those burgers look delicious. I'm so hungry right now I want to take it out of my screen. Hurrah for Friday! FRIDAYLULLAH!

  • Fairy Princess Jord

    I've lost blog posts before and I always end up just rewriting them (begrudgingly of course). I am such a crazy serial shopper in the spring time (even though I can't afford to be). I just can't resist the temptation of all the cute spring dresses! Someone teach me what buyers remorse is again? (;

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