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Renewed, straight into busy…


Oddly, it doesn’t feel at all weird that I took yesterday off – from blogging and work. I did think about the WIAW post that would have normally gone up, but I didn’t feel a huge desire to run and write one before I enjoyed my day. So, I didn’t. It was nice to have a mid-week break, I feel renewed, although work is busy. Tradeshow season is upon us!

Spring Break // I miss them. I miss that free week of nothing to do during the first part of Spring. Apparently when you have kids, you don’t miss it as much. I miss that one week of freedom that renews your spirit. So, in honor of spring break I took yesterday off to spend with J, since he is on spring break. It was a fun day of adventuring from morning to night!

Not all those who wander are lost. // Hidden Falls

Move On // Sometimes there are things that I dwell on, but I know, no matter how much I replay them in my head or even talk them out…they won’t change. It’s taking time, but I’m learning to try to let them go. As much as I want to dwell and focus on them, it doesn’t seem to be doing me any good. So, I must accept it/them and move on. Sometimes I need to write this out, so that I fully understand what I teaching myself to do. A pep talk with myself, if you will.


Music Festivals // These things are getting out of hand. They have been around for years, but just lately seem to be getting very popular. Less underground and way too main stream. Marketing efforts, on all fronts, are even targeting this audience. Retailers posting and making ‘festival’ outfits and themes to their marketing. If that’s what you have to do to sell something, go for it. It just highlights the phenomenon of music festivals. I’m sorry, but standing outside in the blazing heat (or cold) for hours on end do not sound fun to me. Don’t get me wrong, music moves my soul…but that style just makes me feel grimy. Also, this is probably my old age talking too. I’d much prefer a concert and a seat! To each their own…

Erykah Badu // “I’m an recovering undercover over lover…” This lyric has been floating through my head since the I watched the Being Mary Jane last week. Love this song and totally forgot about it until I heard it again…love the lyrics…

Opening Day // You’d think the World Series Champs would get a home opener for the season right? Nope! Of course not! Well, my boys will be opening up the season in AZ! Just one short week after we get our home opener. It feels weird to have no tickets for any future games, in hand. But, since I have so many random, small trips this year, tickets aren’t in the budget. I’ll be happy if I can get to five games this season. First World (Baseball Girl) probs!


Kinvara 6 // I’m guessing you already know my addiction with Saucony’s Kinvara’s. They recently released the 6. Normally, I’d have already bought them and they’d be shipping to my casa. But with my lackluster desire to run, I’m on the fence. Another $100 thrown at something I’m just not that into. But then, I’m also hoarding Amazon gift cards for a new, updated Garmin. So really, I’m not sure where I stand. I’m guessing that within the next two weeks these will be en route to my house…because that’s how the running life is!

Happiness // I find it so incoherent that some people are incapable of being genuinely happy for those around them, especially family and friends. Yes, at times jealousy rears it’s ugly head and it’s hard to see someone so happy, when you are not. But for those other instances where a person cannot celebrate your happiness, but choose to try to bring you down or down play it, I don’t understand it. I also won’t stand for it. I want those around me to thrive and grow in their happiness, I want to celebrate it with them. I can’t see how anyone would want it any other way. What makes each of us happy is very different, but we should celebrate the things that make us feel the euphoria of happiness. I don’t need a party, just be happy for my happiness!

Musings, just like the title…


  • Fairy Princess Jord

    I miss spring break oh so very much, although I do have lots of little weekend trips going on this spring so I really can't complain too much. I'm glad you were able to take the day off and spend some time with J!

    As for jealousy, it really is the ugliest trait. I can't stand being around it and when I feel it I attempt to resolve it right away. Eek I hate it so much!

    • Musings of a Girly Tomboy

      I completely agree, the small trips spread out (as adults) even to a full Spring Break. Yes, such an ugly trait, that unfortunately rears it's ugly head at times. Resolving it sounds ideal, but that's not always so easy. I agree, I hate it too! xoxo, ganeeban

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