WIA(Last)W – Adult Spring Break Style

Just because I’m grown doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy Spring Break…

The merry-go-round continues and brings us back to  Arman @ The Big Man’s World
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It never really bugged me that I didn’t get a spring break anymore, even though I’d see plenty of friend’s and their kids enjoying this week, year after year. Well, that was until J and L both had one and I felt left out. So during their SB, I took Wednesday off to celebrate my faux Spring Break!

So here is WIA(last)W!

We didn’t set an alarm, but we woke up in normal 7AMish fashion. We lounged around a bit and then got up to get the day started. After we gathered our hiking essentials and draped ourselves in Lulu (and Nike) we headed out to devour some calories prior to our hike. Although I’d been to the old location of Bacon & Butter, I still hadn’t been to their new spot. It’s been notorious for lines out the door and long, long waits, so I thought it would be a good day to go and visit the new location. It turned out to be just the right idea, less than a 5 minute wait. However, when we were leaving there was the infamous line out the door.

Grilled Cheese Benedict for J
Breakfast Sandwich w/ a side of bacon gravy for Me!

Since we got a late start to our hike at Hidden Falls in Auburn, CA, our lunch was our hike. This is a great local, by local I mean about an hour away, hike with a variety of trails. They had different levels of difficulty, but all had a scenic route.

Being the wanders’ we are, we just went with the flow and kinda picked a new route as we were presented with one. Luckily there are plenty of trail maps all over, so we were never really lost. We went with the flow, but towards the end…someone was getting cranky and it wasn’t me 🙂

Our contribution to the weird rock art sculptures!

After the hike, we intended to go and share a burger at Ikeda’s, but I missed the opportunity to tell J where to go and before I knew it we were on the freeway back home. So, instead, we stopped for a snack. Red Bull and Cheese-its for me and hot Cheetos for J, real healthy after a hike, huh?!? We both craved the salt and caffeine!

J is such a fanboy of anything Marvel, so weeks ago I surprised him with tickets to a re-showing of Thor at Studio Movie Grill. SMG is a new theater, which we passed on our way to and from the hike, that serves booze and food during a movie. It’s an awesome concept and we both had been dying to try it. It was the perfect chance to try it, especially since the tickets were only $3/each.


We both had no idea how it would work, but it worked out pretty well. You pick your seats when you purchase your ticket – apparently I did a good job with my seat selection, according to one of the servers. The only issue with our seats was that the servers/busers were a distraction for most of the time – my ADD was in high gear. Their food isn’t bad, but it isn’t amazing. I’d say it’s on the higher level of a chain restaurant, but comes a little pricier than I’d prefer. However, they have a 2 for $25 deal which gets you an appetizer and two entrees from a limited menu. Also, they have nightly drink specials. So J was drinking his vodka cran’s like a champ and I ordered (unknown to me) a bucket of iced tea.

Pretzel bites with cheese sauce.
Flatbread – steak & balsamic
Crispy tenders and overly priced ranch!

Overall, I’d go back again. I probably would prefer to drink and enjoy an appetizer and not eat a whole meal there. But I’d spend the money and time driving all the way out there, again! I had the genius idea to get the girls together and go see Magic Mike 2 there, J wasn’t so keen on that idea 😉

My one day Spring Break was enough to renew me like I took a week off


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